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rayperez Released Oct 29, 2011

capitalizing letters makes some letters seem like they're more important than others, but all letters should be equal in my book. favoring one letter over another just because it is capitalized is a form of capitalism. it creates tension between the upper case and the lower case letters, and could very likely lead to a case war. and if you haven't noticed, those uppity upper case letters always gotta to be the first in line. they're only like one percent of the whole sentence while the other ninety-nine percent are the ones that do all the work. they totally abuse their power, i mean, when a bunch of capital letters get together in one word it's like they're screaming at you, but when it's the lower case letters stating their case, it's like the capital letters don't even hear 'em at all. maybe someday all the little guys will come together and rise up for an independent clause ;)

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