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Since the Last Great War, the goal of society has revolved around mass production and the conservation of human energy. The powers that be decided that the old “night and day” system of human function created a chasm in the Human Energy Flow Cycle because when the human body is immersed in darkness, it naturally creates Melatonin, which has been linked to lethargy, rebellious behavior, and a general tendency toward dissent. The entire city-state has been constantly lit by artificial means since 2023 in an attempt to hinder that chasm. The sunlight from one side of the Earth shines on solar panels that light up the other side, so we never see darkness, and our bodies can’t naturally produce the chemical we need to sleep and dream on our own. We are given a shot of Synthetic Melatonin, which creates similar effects needed for the human body to replenish and reset itself daily. Some of us still hear stories and legends of the so-called “night,” in which, humans were once able to see other worlds that shine through the darkness. A small group of me and my friends heard some talk about a route that takes you past the light of day and we've been planning on skipping our shots so that we can sneak out and make our way there. Can you imagine? Other worlds, so close that you can look up and see them!