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Beacon of Hope (poem)
rajasoup Released Jan 12, 2012

Beacon of Hope


When you're down and defeated

And the world seems against you

Change yourself and adapt

Because only you can save you.


Change yourself for the better

Be the best you can be

Become immune to pain

To face the devil and the deep sea.


Don't confuse being vulnerable

With being weak

Even the brave and impenetrable 

Have been known to feel grief.


Pain is only human

Felt by both the big and small

I know I'd rather feel pain

Than feel nothing at all.


Life is about change

And change is about life

Be it happiness and joy

Be it sickness and strife.


Existence is a race track 

That's full of mystery

Slow down for an instant

And you're sure to be history.


Make this your mantra 

Change yourself for yourself

Never change 

If its for someone else.


Friends have been known

To come and go

At the end, you're like an actor

In a one man show.


Always bear in mind

That life is but a shrew

It leaves but one constant

The constant is you.


So live everyday 

Like it were your last

Forgive all else 

And forget the past.


Stop looking for miracles

That's nothing but stupid behavior

Know that you don't need a hero

For in the end 

You are your own best savior.

Kiss me goodnight daddy, she wept

I did so, for it was my duty paternal

As she lay down to rest

Finally in her slumber eternal

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I couldn't help but twitch

Due to the incurable itch

That I'd had for over a while.

I had bruises and scars

Guests could spot from afar

As my angry bride walked down the aisle.


As I strive to see

the brightness of the light,

it pulls me back screaming

to the darkness of the night.


The beauty of reading a book is

that you get to watch the movie

in your mind. 


Humpty Dumpty couldn't stop laughing.

Limericks really cracked him up.


Finding the hidden desserts

was a piece of cake.


Rapunzel had spent the whole day cleaning

so she decided to relax and let her hair down.


"Your eyesight really is terrible",

said the optometrist to Little Red Riding Hood.


Bubble Wrap was ecstatic,

for she was going to be a pop star!


His love crept past

the gates of her ribs

to heal her broken heart.