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One Big Tree
raesybilrocks83 Released Feb 03, 2013

I write to gather up the souls
that want a glimpse inside my world

beside the leafless tree I sit
with my guitar, a book and this

a portal to another world
with blades of grass beneath my toes

I see the leaves and as they please
they've fallen right in front of me

although they seem to have lost their green
their browns and reds call out you see

although we've fallen to the ground
our time above went just as planned

now we're here for you to crush
beneath your feet a crumbled mush

pick up the strings that play the tune
create a path that's just for you

don't be concerned with what they see

we are all the leaves

from one

big tree.


giving into what you know is right, knowing all along but what you take is always up to you.

Where is the space that you belong in, why can't we plainly see the space that we do...

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