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Music of Salt and Sea Thank You :O)##

Plus this bit of Eye Candy Thank You :O)##



Ryan Patrick's 'Bell Song' instrumental got me real excited to add a little saxophone ... and by a little I mean 15 tracks. :p I may have went a little overboard. 

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So I liked this drum synth patch so much that I decided to go crazy with it. This was all spontaneous playing on my 25 key midi controller but I think I did some pretty cool stuff. The music Gods definitely took control of me at the end. Check it out. 

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don't pay attention to my crazy eyes in this one. 

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these were experimentations for the tiny stories emblem character. i overlayed 3 of them onto 3 others. i think it might make a cool abstract tshirt for the idea of 'record & remix'.

also i think we should have bright brighttt tshirts for the summer! so i messed around with some ideas here




by wirrow
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Wirrow's foxy illustration reminded me of a song I wrote so I thought I'd share. xx  

Little foxes lead the way

Trust their instincts

They know the way the land lays

Little insects, underfoot, are maimed

That’s the law of all things

Things change

There’s a code that we don’t know at play

In the spaces between things and in things

In every night every day


Do you feel it, hear it ring?

Little foxes know everything

Do you believe it? Breathe it in

Little foxes know everything

Do you believe it

Even in your skin

You’re a part of it all

A part of it all

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I really loved both the 'Yes, We're Sinking' song by eaneikciv and the image it inspired by chopsticksroad so have remixed them into this little animation. <3

by 12.42
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