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This is how we propose to split up the profits for the RE: THE OTHER SIDE episode of HITRECORD ON TV.

Join in the discussion and give us your feedback by Tuesday March 25th, 2014.



NOTE: In these Proposals, whenever you see RegularJOE credited, it is because we are acknowledging his contribution to the piece. As we've always done, we have assigned a percentage and a value to this work and we welcome your feedback on that allocation. However, specific to this TV Production, RegularJOE's payment has been put back into the payout pool. His total allocation for this episode has been proportionally reallocated to all other contributors within this episode. That is why his payout values have been crossed out, and when you attempt to multiply any % share by the allocated value of the piece, the payout is a bit higher.


Here is the Rough Cut of "Customer Service" featuring Lynn Collins, based on the 'Woulda Coulda Shoulda' Testimonial by danikins.

VOICE OVER ARTISTS: Please record VOs of the Woman on the phone. Please perform THESE LINES. Please refer to RegularJOe's temporary VO in the above Reference Cut for tone and timing.


by DTA
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VOICE OVER ARTISTS: Below are the lines we need performed for the Woman on the phone in "Customer Service." Please refer to THIS REFERENCE CUT for tone and timing.


Line 1

Hi.  I need to return some items.


Line 2

Yes, it's 291-116-810.


Line 3

Yes, I… I know.


Line 4

Yes, I understand.  I'm sorry.


Line 5

My son… I purchased these items for my son.  And... he passed away a few months ago. (beat) He got shot walking home from school.  He died...


Line 6

Hello?  Are you still there?


Line 7

I wanted to send them back sooner, but the time just got away from me.  Between the funeral and the--


Line 8

Thank you.


Line 9

No that's all.


Line 10

Thank you.


Line 11



Line 12

Hello?  Are you still there?

by DTA
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Hello again...

Well, it’s been a little while. Thanks to everyone who contributed their love and support this last month since dan died. I’m still feeling pretty low these days, but I’m looking forward to taking a few ginger steps back to work. I know that’s what he’d want.

So, without further ado, I’d like to finally announce a project that’s been in the works for a good six months or so -- HITRECORD.ORG presents Joseph Gordon-Levitt RE:Acting & RECording -- a college tour. We’re going to do live presentations at a handful of universities around the country to speak to young, talented, ambitious artists and invite them into our collaborative community.

Our initial plans had been grander in scope, but considering everything that’s happened in the last month, we decided to scale it down. I’ll only be going to campuses in L.A. and New York, and I apologize to the other schools I had planned on also visiting: Ohio State, University of Pittsburgh, Vasser and University of Rhode Island. I doubt this will be the last time we do this sort of thing, and I look forward to making up those dates in the future.

These presentations will be a bit less of a “rockin’ evening out” as were the Summer in the City and SxSW shows and a bit more discussion-oriented like the Sundance presentations. I’m looking forward to really delving into hitRECord’s collective creative process, the general state of mass media today, and the broader questions that have faced artists since forever. And I’m confident that we’ll all end up working with some cool and talented new hitRECorders.

The dates are: UCLA - Nov 8, UPenn - Nov 17, Columbia - Nov 19, NYU - Nov 20, and USC - Nov 22. Needless to say, we’ll be RECording the whole time so nobody will miss anything, and so we can all remix those RECords into new Results. And of course, as we play various exemplary RECords at these presentations, the contributing artists will share in the tour’s profits.

It’ll be a gradual process getting back into the swing of things, but the notion of working with you guys again makes me feel good and optimistic.

thanks again <3
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