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RE-RECS: THIS IMAGE by Convectuos0 really struck me. In the description, Convectuos0 said that this image was inspired by a children's story - but what I would love to see is writing inspired by this image. 


RE-RECS: I don't usually talk too much about finished things on the Regularity, but THIS SHORT FILM by WunderBoy is just really good. It’s something that he made almost by himself, but he did use music by megancarnes (which I think is a big part of what makes it work so well). This is just a brilliant piece of comedic filmmaking, and I just wanted to take the opportunity to congratulate WunderBoy on it. I highly recommend you watch it.


JAPANESE FOLK TALE: Speaking of WunderBoy, he did THIS VOICE OVER for the Japanese Folk Tale collaboration that they’re making for hitRECord On Your Radio. The story was an excellent piece of writing by saintmaker, and WunderBoy’s reading of it was really excellent and I look forward to seeing how the other contributions come in. CONTRIBUTE HERE


THE COMIC COLLECTIVE: And speaking of Japanese Folk Tales, the Comic Collective’s prompt for this week is Japan, which I thought was a cool prompt and could lead to a lot of great comics. CONTRIBUTE HERE




Thanks again <3


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