Are we recording? We are an open, collaborative production company. Come work with us!

The Netflix crew. There's so many of you joining!!! I love it! We had The Sundance crew. The Inception crew. The Season 1 crew. Now we have The Netflix crew. (Not that I'm into labels, but 5 years from now, you may be writing a record about how you think of yourself as The Netflix crew in the same way people are doing right now about Inception.)

Firstly, welcome. How does it feel to have stumbled upon the greatest thing on the internet? You lucky lucky thing.

I know it's a daunting place. So much to learn, such a confusing interface. There's loads and loads of tips and FAQs which I shall link below. You should absolutely 100% check all of them out. It will help. ALOT. This is as good as place as any to start:

But I don't want to talk about the ins and outs of how this site works in this letter. I just want to give you a word of encouragement.

This is not youtube. It is not Deviant Art. It is not a place to exhibit your work nor a place to crowd-source your latest project. This is hitRECord, and we make shit together. All the time. And it's fucking awesome.

You may find that at first, you are shouting into the wind. You may upload all this amazing artwork, and there's no response. Where is everyone? Maybe the odd recommend or two, a comment here or there, but not enough to feel like this is in anyway worthwhile.

Keep going.

Trust me.

We, every single one of us, has been there. And the only way to do this properly is to get involved with the community. You can only get out of hitRECord what you put in. Browse the site. Subscribe to people...

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Well hello there, HitRECord. I just wanted to check in with y'all about my 'Impossible Dream' project. x

So I posted my video one month ago (June 8th) and since that moment...

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