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Loved this little animation by mariel_S that Miss America featured yesterday & so created this sort of bumper thing for RE: The Future.


cold open idea

by wirrow
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:)  xx

by IrmaVep
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SONGWRITERS: Write Lyrics inspired by the Telephone Game.

MUSICIANS: Find lyrics that you like and Perform them.


NOTE: Please use THIS SONG as a reference when contributing.



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Yup, I was in the pit band for Bye Bye Birdie in highschool.  Lets just say, I loves me some good fromage.  

Lyrics are a combination of Gabriellen and the Saintmaker.  Well done folks -- loves the ideas.  Also, some of my own edits and lyrics in there.

Some thoughts...

This is a rough edit -- missing many, many parts if we're thinking of a musical number dealy-o.

There are vocal parts in there that should be sung by a male voice -- lines 2 and 4 of each verse -- any takers?

Also back up and other parts that should not be sung by me.  Really, none of it should be sung by me, lol =).  I's awful pitchy like. 

Lyrics and stems to come if ur interested.  



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RE: The Dark.  


There's a dark side in all of us, and it's calling us.

Following us; until the light will fade. 


You can guarantee they'll be darkness, and it's harmless.

Simply heartless; it's an even trade. 


There's a dark side in all of us, and it's calling us.

Following us; until the light will fade.

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So I told Marie Bee and KevinMaistros earlier that I'd try and add some vocals to their collab song "Three", or "Work In Progress", I'm not sure what the actual title is haha. So I got excited and improvised vox using Joerud's wonderful poem "I'm Dreaming" over the top of the tune.

Headphones are a good idea. The chorus is the best part. I'm terrible at mixing/recording. Blah, blah, blah.

Thanks guys! Enjoy! 

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the idea is to start from the bottom and move up - kinda showing how we come from the dark and return to the dark.

it's all in layers so i can tidy up the photoshop file if anyone wants it.

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Season 1 was a lot of fun! Thank you all SO MUCH!! 

:)  <3

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"Hand" gun animation with transparent background. This was an idea I had that I sketched up really quickly, probably should've spent more time on it, but I kinda like the rough look.

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This was supposed to be for a friend's film, but I'm not sure he will ever finish it.....

Theme is western.

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As soon as I heard this song I had to do something with it, so here's a few adds from me, and I included iamemma's awesome vocal take.

I tried to keep it simple, and I also amended the arrangement slightly to bring the brsuhed snare in earlier. I hope this can work as a foundation for others to build on.

Thanks to tinderlocks for his advice on this remix.

Stems to follow

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