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by tdolan

This is a quick drawing of a delightfully morbid Japanese ghost story---the Jorōgumo is part beautiful woman with eight sneaky spider legs: The top half lures in delicious men, and the bottom entangles them in her web and stores them as a snack for later.


I have left her as a blank coloring book page as a potential solution to marrying ink and origami for the Japanese collaboration. If some photoshopper were to take some chiyogami papers listed below to fill in the folds of her kimono, that would be amazing! The characters could then be placed into scenes created by origami, which blends both revered traditions in japanese folk art.



by tdolan
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What are you entitled to? Government privacy? Personal privacy? Surveillance? Private lives? Privacy settings? Public vs Private? Intrusion? totalitarianism? etcetera etcetera so many more questions and topics can be posed on privacy 

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I would love to hear somebody try a new melody with this song.  Here's the breakdown as I hear it:

Verse1 - 0:20

Chorus -1:18

Instrumental - 1:42

Verse 2 - 2:01

Chorus 2 - 2:39

Instrumental - 3:25

Final Verse/Outro - 3:44

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the latest release off my Foxes EP. hope you guys enjoy.

by Dr.Duke
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Lyrics written and performed by the great Metaphorest


Shake off the old-school moves, ditch those yesterday blues

 We’re in the new wave now, and we’re not coming down

We go oh oh oh

Oh oh Oh oh

We’re not coming down

Bask in the afterglow, of all the things you’ll never know

Better to keep on guessing, what’s the lesson?

Highway behind you’s gone, tomorrow you move on

Stay in the moment now, and never come down

We go oh oh oh

Oh oh

Oh oh

We’re not coming down


by Dr.Duke
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I finally got a chance to do some recording... I have been working a 9 to 5 (more like 9 to 9) so I havent had much time to get on here... sorry for the delay folks.
I hope to release more on my spring breakish time away from work...

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I mixed together a few musician friends of mine to remix this dope ass track by Malicore.

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My Happy Acapela Choir... lol

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Heres my crack at the Universal Song...

I tried to make it as lullabyish as I could... Im still tinkering with it, but this is a start...

Much Love to everybody
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So I chopped up and sampled a bunch of the stems from the MMM score. I know it sounds nothing like it but I decided to get crazy with it. 

I think this could be extended. I just kind of ran out of ideas. 

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An electric pop song. WHY NOT?

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