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Well hello there, HitRECord. I just wanted to check in with y'all about my 'Impossible Dream' project. x

So I posted my video one month ago (June 8th) and since that moment everything has changed. It is so so strange & overwhelming! I think it really had to do with me deciding to focus and put my energy into achieving a goal but also your support. x

Since posting that video I have:

+ Updated my website to make it easier to navigate & to showcase my concert photography. Check out ! x

+ I bought a new lens and I'm in love with it. Omg 50mm!! Why did I wait so long?

+ Had 4 different shoots with musicians/bands for their promo shots. [One being the lovely LexiScherr :) ]

+ I've been to 5 shows & taken photos at each.

+ I have 2 more shows I'm shooting this week. & I'm getting requests from musicians to shoot their upcoming shows.

+ Had a music blog that I follow reach out to me via social media to see if I could work with them. I have now contributed my first set of photos / writeups for them and will continue to shoot shows & write for them as a member of their team.

+ This music blog also puts out videos and they want me to shoot videos with them!

+ Was asked to be part of an audio/visual production company.

+ Been networking with other concert photographers in NYC.

+ Was asked to help assist a prominent photographer on shoots in the next couple of months. 

+ I'm practicing photoshop every day so I can figure out what the hell I'm doing.

I've just been so insanely busy with all of these amazing opportunities, but I just want to say THANK YOU THANK YOU to...

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I want to build a bridge

from my heart to yours.

Cross it once,

then burn it to the ground.