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A veeeery, super, embarrassingly raw draft of this idea I had for a song RE: Your Mom.

Isn't it a cliche that sailors have these "mom" tattoos? Like, strong, smelly, manly, macho sailors get tattoos to remind them of their moms? I think that could be a pretty cool, fun way to sort of demonstrate the unique love kids might carry for their mothers, no matter where they go or what they might do. Also could be a fun way to explore the angle of flying out of the nest and leaving the comfort of your home, your mom, and how sometimes the longing and homesickness might get the best of us, even when we think we're already all grown up and over that stuff.

Aaanyway, I wrote this silly sailor song from the point of view of a sailor who misses his mom, and just wanted to throw it out here, just in case some lovely male sailor somewhere might want to lend his voice and sing this tune. Please don't mind my horrible vocals here, I'm a bit sick and had to do it with just one take, so yeah it's just for reference. As is the harmonica, that should be played again, too! I'll upload the only-ukulele version asap in any case! :)

Enjoy anyway <3

I’ve got a tattoo on my arm

It’s a heart and a ”mom”

You might think it’s for fun

’cause, a man made of steal,

How could he ever feel

A longing for anyone?

Yes I’m a sailor indeed

I was born for the seas

I was born to be free

If you mess with this mate

You’ll be used as a bait

There’s no doubt just take one look at me   

Yes, I lost an eye

And two fingers from one hand

and no one saw me cry

Yes I’m though, I’m the bravest

I have fights before breakfast

But that is not all that I am

See sometimes nights get cold

And stars shine so far

And I think about home,

And oh how I miss my mommy

I know it might seem funny

But just think about what moms are

They’re like cookies

In the oven

Like blueberry pie on my cheek

Oh I do weep

For my mommy

My mommy mommy mommyy

I’ve got a tattoo on my arm

A heart for my mumm

You might think it’s for fun

But alone, in the sea

A boy suddenly sees

What it means to miss your mom

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NAME: Peppina

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ONE LINE BIO: an 18 years old (not-a-high-school-student-anymore-cause-i-just-graduated!!!) musician

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