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A long time ago, in a story so old
There was a beauty and and a beast, or so I’ve been told 
They were these two strangers, two lonely souls 
But it’s not what you think, no, here’s how it goes:

Lets start with the Beast, he was ugly and scary 
Pathetic and poor, and horribly hairy 
The outside was rough, but once he smiled 
You could see that he had a heart of gold inside

The Beast loved a Beauty, this pretty little thing 
She was the fairest of them all, and she could dance and sing 
But unlike the beast whose love shined the best 
She loved herself, never cared for the rest

La Belle et la bête (the beauty and the beast) 
Quelle tragédie (what a tragedy) 
Elle est comme le jour (she is like the day) 
Il est comme la nuit (he is like the night) 
Il est amoureux (he is in love) 
Elle ne se soucie pas (she doesn't care) 
Vont-ils mourir tout seule? (Will they die alone?) 
On verra (We'll see)

One day the beast found the Beauty ”Perfection” 
Sitting by the lake (making love to her reflection) 
The Beast then decided that it was the time 
To tell the pretty Beauty of his feelings inside

He stepped out from the shades with a flower in hand 
Said bravely: ”My lady, the fairest in this land, 
I might not be a prince, but my heart beats for you!” 
Oh the Beauty just laughed, so cold, so cruel

”You smelly old fat hairy pig”, she said 
”You thought I could love you? I’d rather be dead!” 
Still laughing she turned and danced to her home 
Leaving the Beast, heart-broken, alone

La Belle et la Bête…

While the Beauty lives all by herself still today 
The Beast learned his lesson and changed his ways 
He found that true beauty cannot be seen 
And that things are most likely not what they seem

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It took me a whole day to finally face the fact that there really is no language I know that would make it possible for me to describe the gratitude I feel for the community of hitRECord, so I decided I’ll just give you guys some facts, about me and the site, because facts are easy and safe, and helpful in avoiding emotional blabbering (which can be also beautiful, but I just really suck at it). Sorry about the length though, I guess there’s just no brief way for saying this…

Facts (1)
Two years ago I was 16 years old. I had always loved music more than anything and had already spent 10 years of my life studying it, but I was afraid to show it, afraid of rejection and being judged, afraid of dreaming big ‘cause I was sure I’d never be really good enough. I had written some songs (all in Finnish ofc, as if anyone outside my family & friends would ever hear them), but it felt wrong to share them, the whole idea of telling people that my music is worth their time and energy, that they should look here, listen to me, me, me, it made me feel uncomfortable. To be honest, I was slowly running out of reasons to try becoming a musician.

Facts (2)
Two years ago yesterday, I found this site. And you all know how it goes. Finding a place where it’s not about creating something ready, finished or perfect, not about awkwardly shouting: “look at me, me, me!”, but where it’s all about collaborating, connecting and sharing things with people by creating, continuing, listening and remixing stories in differend shapes by adding beginnings, endings, colours, tastes, feelings, dreams, memories, love, bits, pieces, this that and whatnot… I know you know what I’m talking about, finding a place like this is magical.

Facts (3)
The picture above and the tattoo in the hand were both taken yesterday, and the hand in the picture belongs to me. The chord that’s written there is C/F which has been one of my favorites for years, but even more importantly, it’s the chord that starts the song I wrote, “Crashing” which started a lot of things for me. I had been planning to take this tattoo for over a year and a half, and finally yesterday on my 2nd hitRECord anniversary, I dared to go for it. To me it symbolises not only my insane, blind, burning love for music, but also my gratitude and love for this community that has given me so much…

There are no words. Thank you for these two. Here’s to many more to come.


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Meerrryy Christmas Christina!!! So sorry I had to leave the uploading to the last day...

I really enjoyed going through your records, you're such a beautiful, brave woman with so much to say and offer! I hope you'll like this little song I wrote for you, it's not much but it's alll for you! ;)

Happy holidays my dear <3



Hello there, Christina,
How do you do?
I hope you don't mind,
I wrote this song for you

I am your not-so-very-secret-anymore-Santa
I'll try my best not to leave you bored

I know I'm just a stranger,
I know we've never met
But there's one thing you need to know
and never forget

You've inspired a lot of people
By opening your heart
By sharing your thoughts and tales
Your memories, your art

So now before I
Run out of these rhymes
There's one last thing, my friend,
I gotta say before the end

Merry Christmas, Christina,
And a Happy New Year!
I wish the best for you
My dear!!

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Quite a while ago when joerud uploaded the amazing "Adieu!", I was so inspired by it that I wanted to try writing something in French, too. Later on I came up with this little tune, and Joe was kind enough to borrow his golden voice and sing it with me as a duet! :)

Enjoy <3



Il était une fois, il était une fois

J’entendais la melodie d’un pianiste

Et me souvenais l’époque où les histoires d’amour

n’étaient pas toujours aussi triste


Il était une fois il n'y a pas longtemps

Je connaissais un monde assez agréable

Les toutes petites choses étaient importantes

Et la vie était assez formidable


Mais le temps passe vite…


Il était une fois il y avait un jeu

Auquel on a joué encore et encore

Est-ce que tu t’en souviens, même un peu?

Comme on a tous les deux gagné, on était super fort!


Il était une fois, je te connaissais

Et presque pensais que je t’aimais

Il était une fois j’étais un con

Mais à défaut de ne rien avoir, j’ai au moins cette chanson

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So I had some fun with an empty wine bottle for the "Still Here" score... don't know if it's too late to contibute or not, but the stems can be found from the resources in any case! :)

Enjoy <3

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So I had some fun with an empty wine bottle for the "Still Here" score, and here you'll find 4 separate tracks which include all the notes I played - not perfectly in tune though I'm afraid! Use what you can, remix all you want :)


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I love this song!! :)

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video footage coming in a minute! (you'll find also a harmony track that's not n the video, it's just a couple of lines from 2:04 to 2:20)

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Just messing around with the audio bricks... I didn't have time to properly study the request & all the notes, so I don't know how close this gets to what the guys are looking for, but the idea of creating music out of these pieces of melodies was so intriguing that I just had to give it a try, if for nothing else then for my own curiosity! You'll find the stems from the results :)

Enjoy <3

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