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Some dark records that I think are inspiring and have a lot of potential to be developed further, like into bumpers for example! :)


2 Years ago on this day I joined hitRecord, and for everything I've learned I am thankful to each and everyone on the site. Very very much possible I wouldn't be able to create things I create today without this wonderful place.

* I've started workig on this animation before I knew the text for this illustration, so I guess, this is more an "adaptation" of image, how I visualize it.

* (Public Domain sounds - owls  crickets


by MarieIv
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My first attempt at piecing together some of the key videos. Feel free to remix to your heart's desire :)

if anyone wants to take a stab at this, I highly recommend that you check out marcellepallais's other ravens videos. She did a great job!:

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Vocal RECordings by Metaphorest & The Morning Hollows (RECorded 4/2011)

Bass Gtr & Drum RECording by Albert (RECorded 2/2011)

 Drum Kit sample & Keyboard RECording by GwenInterrupted (RECorded 5/2011)

Cymbal crash RECording by thisishowiroll (RECorded 10/2011)

EBow gtr solo by me (RECorded 2010)

2012 REmix arrangement & production by meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

This REmix contains only samples from the RECords resourced. No outside/extra RECordings were used.


this took nearly a full year after the original bass line & 'Ravens' RECords were released for me to 'crack' the idea for an arrangement that worked.
back in April 2011, i downloaded the audio stems that Albert, Sarah, and Matt uploaded to the site, and after trying some ideas that ended up not going aywhere, decided to put this REmix on hold until I could think of something suitable. Sometimes the best ideas come much later. Sometimes, it's better to put your impulses aside and allow time to pass...
in January 2012, I came up with the idea of looping Matt & Sarah's ending vocal lines which created the proper foundation, along with Albert's bass, for the song to move in a cohesive, structured direction. Everything else, the drums, guitar solo, format, followed suit.
And there you have it.

many thanks to Albert, Matt & Sarah <3

Robo J

by Robo_J
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He drew all

the curtains,

so as to not let

Darkness in.


But Darkness 

was already

hiding, waiting

with a grin.

by wirrow
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Narration starts at 1:13

Give me all the Darkest Nights:


Give me Darkness so I can close 

my eyes forever,

swallowed up in the black 

embrace of night.

Silent, not stirring enfolding light 

with hollow gloom.


Give me darkness to embrace

the monsters in my dreams.

Give me shadowy hallways and staircases

from my childhood.

Crouching and giggling from

under the table, unseen, and 



Give me darkness from moonless nights

and starry skies

when flickering campfires

hurt my eyes.

Haunting breathless dark sides

of the moon make a hole

in the empyrean.


Give me the darkest nights 

that make wide my eyes

when pitch crawls

and wings fly

wrapped in the cold embrace

where time and space

are all equal.


Give me ocean depths

of crushing tide

that abide with 

the dammed 

that cast the shadows

which play on ruins

of decay.


Black, murk, and gloom

spreading to every corner

filling the whole earth 

with senses of doom

until dawn breaks.

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Whenever I enter a dark room, my shadow doesn't follow me.
I think it's afraid..
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