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Anna (Intro) Released Sep 02, 2014

It wasn't supposed to be this way. We were supposed to have gotten married last month in my father's summer home in Maine. I had already envisioned the wedding a thousand times. I would be standing at the altar with my brother by my side. I'd see the love of my life walk down the aisle looking as beautiful as ever. Her eyes would be twinkling from the tears in her eyes and I would smile back at her as my heart skipped a beat.

But all of that seemed to be so far away now. All I could focus on is keeping her safe. I couldn't be scared. I couldn't let her feel that. I held her tight trying to calm her nerves, as well as suppress my own fear. I don't how long it had been, but this damp and wet basement is the only form of shelter we could find. 

I now lived for one reason, and one reason only. Anna had to live. Jan 25, 2013

Maybe I drive a little bit faster, it will be okay

I'm running late and I can't waste time

But the rain makes it harder to see 

All i see is a blur of colors 

Lost control and a scream...

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I can read your mind through the static

The trumpet plays its sweet melody

Stay with me tonight

Dance with me forever

But you fade away like a lovely dream

I'm left in bliss with the...

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I imagine the look of disappointment on your face and my heart sinks. What could have made that light in your eyes fade away? I'll search the world for that bright light because...

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I don't need hiking shoes, I got my red boots. If I fall I may die, but with my red boots, I may fly. 


You can't hear my voice begging you to stay. I can't bear the thought of you walking away.


A touch of your hand sends me flying and I fall just to see your smile again.


If I could show you my love for you I would; pouring out my heart in a sea of color.


The Army is taking you away before we even had the chance to live our love story.


The Army is taking you away before we even had the chance to live our love story.

2 Apr 29, 2012
The boy with the light in his eyes

He's trying not to let words get inside his head

But sometimes they manage to fight through the wall

The wall that protects him from breaking down
10 Apr 29, 2012
Could you stop making it so easy to fall for you? You're at the bottom of the stairs with that sweet smile of yours and I don't want to break a bone.
9 Apr 29, 2012
I lose sleep trying to dream.