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ola_szmidt Released Jun 26, 2012


Hi hitrecorders:)

This is my first upload , whoop whoop:-)

That was an experiment on the loop station. Recorded in line in through Edirol Recorder. My daughter's toys and 14 layers of vocals gradually. Turned to be a nice drone for a proper song. Needs lyrics, panning and mixing. 

My friend Dave added bass to it.

Go with a flow, there's lots of nice textures here to play with.

Enjoy listening and remixing!


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Stems available here:

"Green Candyfloss" with added Cello, i feel like 2/3 of Accortumn are alive:-)

 My friend Dave decided to make minimal/stripped version with cello, flute and vox only:) Quoting him:

"An accidental string reinterpretation of a sweet little piece, (Green) Candyfloss by Peppina and Ola. I was adding cello parts to the song and it all became quite dense. So I removed the original guitar part which inspired the whole thing and added some extra percussive cello and a bass part and this happened..."  Hitrec no. 1056132

Anybody fancy remixing this further? 

Healing /Love/Music 2 you all

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This Full version of Piano, Flute and Cello improvisation called " Sleep" , complimenting  Tori's reading of "Lepidopterology"

 Raw take no mix or master . We used EdirolR09 for ambient recording, at 24bit, 44,4HZ, BPM 120

We have never wrote a score or  release this material i would  love Hitrecord to  remix it and  Recycle it!

Winter 2009,  

Mike Sole- Piano

Ola Szmidt-Flute

Dave Dhonau- Cello



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The corridor leading to my house when it is filled with the sun... 

One week ago, I tried this time Iphone and Ivideo app. I tried to capture the behaviour of the  textures from various perspectives. I' ve used  " Vintage Effect", which enhanced the rays of light. Spent couple of hours cutting and shifting frames around. I hope you enjoy it.  Is all about experimenting and examining the surroundings :-) <3


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Last three weeks has been an emotional struggle and musical creativity blockage for -I felt really sad.  I just can't make music on command:-(  Today was different. I heard Andy's instrumental and instantly I  started writing words for it. I felt - freedom and relief. I listened to instrumental at least 50 times, scribbling and scribbling and laughing, trying vocals. When Amelie went to bed I was doing endless takes until I was happy with just one.  I had so much fun today working on it. This is what I came up with. Hope you like it!


Elephants are walking above my head

My toilet seat held up with gaffa tape

I'm so lucky I don't complain!

I've got a roof above my head

As I sing my child clings to me

begging me for sweeties

Absentminded as hell

enough money for rent

and travel not  too often

Free to drink coffee in the garden  

watch  ladybirds making love

on my doorstep

I'm drifting to sleep

serenaded by neighbours climaxing

I pray my kid won't wake I'll tell her

They are play-fighting!

Oh I'm so happy

Oh I'm so happy  

This is my sanctuary

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