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“Nothing is very strong: strong enough to steal away a man's best years not in sweet sins but in a dreary flickering of the mind over it knows not what and knows not why, in the gratification of curiosities so feeble that the man is only half aware of them, in drumming of fingers and kicking of heels, in whistling tunes that he does not like, or in the long, dim labyrinth of reveries that have not even lust or ambition to give them a relish, but which, once chance association has started them, the creature is took weak and fuddled to shake off.”  C.S. Lewis - " The Screwtape Letters" 


Between the bars of the rails there is hidden yawn

people are fussy when comes to seats

It is grainy and windy, I want to run

but I can't 

You, please stay where you are

stay where you...

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