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Sitting on naproxen with a monumental back pain.  I decided I gotta distract my mind and I want to share some thoughts with you on creativity and how i get inspired and first thing is:

obviously pain- I always write when something hurts or when I feel trapped in certain emotion it's continuous healing process. Which ever song I wrote was written because simply I COULDN"T GO OUT as I had no babysitter or I felt lonely or very sad. Every song I wrote and I write is like a new friend I make. Lots of late nights where from huge anxiousness I touched guitar or ukulele or piano or simply vocalised to calm myself down. This is very personal but I felt for a while I need to share this. I'm giving you a short version of reworked Apnea to listen. Yes, this is very first time I'm playing bass -I's a foundation. It will grow over the next two months. - Finished version will be on my first big release next summer with remixes from some incredible musicians I serendipitously happen to know. I want to run Kickstarter campaign to raise the money towards the video and vinyl release and I hope that some of you will be happy to spread word around and help me to achieve one of my biggest dreams, Here little note on updated Apnea:

When Toby left his bass lying around over the summer and I could not go out one night as babysitter couldn't make it, I switched sad feeling and grabbed his bass and begun to re-work Apnea. This is first take after maybe 10 where I couldn't play bass and sing at the same time, harmony came to me while jamming endlessly. I was going to play last wednesday when supporting " Braids" somehow forgot the number of the track on the loop station, so played only the beginning. I want to share with you the teaser versiono. BIG LOVE X

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I look for the sun and  I re-fold the clothes standing in the light. Sometimes I walk in the figure of eight  staring at people walking freely outside wondering if anybody will...

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