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Whoo, first one ever! After reading through MattConley's great guide, which made things a LOT clearer on how to do it, I'd figure I'd add mine, too!


dark angel, a tiny story by wirrow - Because the sentiment of it is SO TRUE, at least for me! And reading through everyone's responses as to why it was featured and debating the "completeness" of the record is thought provoking as well.

Eros and Psyche Concept Art by ChrisStorms - I love, love, LOVE the idea of doing this story as the (Not So) Tiny Story, and this image has been remixed already, but I feel like this is a great jumping off point and a great representation and interpretation of what it's about. Speaking of...

(Not So) Tiny Story Collab by RegularJOE - It's so much fun seeing everyone's suggestions on here and reading through them, it makes me wonder exactly which one will ultimately be chosen and makes me excited to see what all of us can do with it!

Heart vs. Brain by Yuchai - This is just such a fun image, and it's already spawned other RECs from it, as well.  They've all been vastly different from each other and it's interesting to see all the different responses one image helped create. :)

Ascending from Hades by RedHeadMonster - A simple, yet really detailed image, also from the (Not So) Tiny Story collab, that really struck me, espeically after finding out this was mostly computer and not pastel or paint, as it looked to me when I first saw it. It's not an overt Eros and Psyche image, but it's from the story and it's not just another one of the both of them (although I love all of them.:)).

a ninja's guide to giving hearts by fractaldust - I mean, how can you not see this and smile? :D I'd love to see this as a shirt or something in the store, I'd definitely buy it!

Disenchantment by candymythos - Again, there's a lot of sentiments expressed here that I agree with and feel. I'm not as skilled nor do I have the tools, but I wish I could make a video or something to go along with this, or an image. Which leads to another collab...

Emotions dig deep by LesAnanasBananas - It's a really cool collab that I love that has some great text works and images that are thought provoking and intriguing. It would be great if there were more contributions and maybe some kind of video that could be made from it, or music!

I Have...NO CATS. by tonguecutsparrow - OMG such an addictive song! Makes me dance! I mean, nuff said!

we are skeletal lovers by llze - It's such a great combination of text, image, video, and music, and what I've come to feel as a great example of what exactly is done at hitRECord. So many resources used to combine into one perfect overall piece. :)




I fell in love with the song, and, I think, it simply begged to tell a story. Well, this is my interpretation. Essentially a story about love and lust. This time, more about lust.



by Ilze
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i ain't got a fuckin' cat.


i have no cats

i got no kitty litter

i have no cats

i have no ball of yarn


i have no cats

do you see a fuckin' cat?

i have no cats

do you see a fuckin' cat? 

I don't think so.



i admit it.

i have some cats.


but don't judge me!

they're my best friends!

oh i have some cats!

oh i may have some cats!




i have some cats

i don't know what they're doin'

i have some cats

they follow me into the bathroom


For Ally. I hope you enjoy it just as much as I enjoyed making it in your honor.

Thanks to all the people who I have resourced below for their wonderful meows, both real and simulated....and thanks again to Rob for being the conductor of the meow symphonies.

Alpal...who said to me, in no uncertain terms, that she has no cats. (and that she wasn't going to fart.)

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A bit late on this, but thought it'd be appropriate for the time, and from conversations about the liking of people and their niceties of conflictions. Nearly spawns a webcomic idea. :)


by Yuchai
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Television was my de facto baby-sitter. As a result, I was a very, very naive child. It took me a long time to realize that morality and the world aren't as... straightforward... as I'd thought. The title's the emotion I'm hoping is conveyed.

The television lied to me.
An image flickering on screens.
I believed what I would see,
and eat up all the scenes.

The bad guys never win.
You know they'll only lose.
There is only good or sin,
it's easy just to choose.

The heroes are the best,
they will never fail.
The heroes never rest,
in every single tale.

Everything is black and white,
and nothing's complicated.
There is only wrong or right,
and everything's as stated.

When I was a child,
I knew that this was so,
but I was beguiled,
and I didn't know.

Heros are hard to find,
but heroine is not.
Morality is in the mind,
that's not what I was taught.

Apathy is every where,
like a growth of weeds.
The motivation isn't there,
because we lack the seeds.

Change is needed quite a lot,
as far as I can see.
But that's not what I had thought,
when I would watch TV.
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dedicated to my favorite heartninja, the sneakiest, stealthiest of them all - miss metaphorest! hiiiiYAH! pow POW! kaaaaZAM! <3

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For the stanza:

hevn looked with teary eyes

at what urth had become

across the shore for many moons

alone and growing numb


I wish I had the tools to really polish this up and make it prettier, but hopefully one of you guys would like to collaborate on it to make it prettier! :D

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