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Soooooooooooo today. Today at work, (I work at TjMaxx and Homegoods, aka my dream job not) a very kind gentleman- very good looking gentleman might I add- said something to me as I transactioned his and his parents two luggage items. They're from Tennessee, visiting his sister, but totally they don't have an accent or nothin.'

Anyways, as I wrapped it up and handed his father the receipt and was about to put a little more effort than my usual "have a great day!" he stopped for a second and said, "I just want you to know that your smile made my day." MY smile made HIS day?? Whaaaaaaat. I nearly squealed. I was probably blushing all over the place in flattery but managed to say, "awww well that made my day!!" And he smiled, I almost fainted and the end. Gosh darn it he was so cute.

BUT wait! Not the end. His darling dad, who was just as sweet, commented on my complexion. Yeah I know...pretty random. Really really caught me off guard. And he asked after saying something about "knowing what pretty is after having six daughters" (yeah I dunno, nontheless I freaked)..."are your parents originally from Turkey, dear?" And you should know, and I should TOO, that my parents are NOT from Turkey. They're from India. But in the spur of the moment I said, "Yes! They are!" And then I felt like a total IDIOT because it felt super weird coming out because it wasn't real, but I said it anyways because I think i got sheepish or confused or something. And instead of just letting it go and accepting my seemingly Turkish roots, I quickly said, "No wait! No, no they're from India I mean!" Bleckk...

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She dreamed she could.....

And she did. She flew away and never came back. 


It’s ok to just watch and listen sometimes; it’s ok to be a filter rather than a sponge.