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Soooooooooooo today. Today at work, (I work at TjMaxx and Homegoods, aka my dream job not) a very kind gentleman- very good looking gentleman might I add- said something to me as I transactioned his and his parents two luggage items. They're from Tennessee, visiting his sister, but totally they don't have an accent or nothin.'

Anyways, as I wrapped it up and handed his father the receipt and was about to put a little more effort than my usual "have a great day!" he stopped for a second and said, "I just want you to know that your smile made my day." MY smile made HIS day?? Whaaaaaaat. I nearly squealed. I was probably blushing all over the place in flattery but managed to say, "awww well that made my day!!" And he smiled, I almost fainted and the end. Gosh darn it he was so cute.

BUT wait! Not the end. His darling dad, who was just as sweet, commented on my complexion. Yeah I know...pretty random. Really really caught me off guard. And he asked after saying something about "knowing what pretty is after having six daughters" (yeah I dunno, nontheless I freaked)..."are your parents originally from Turkey, dear?" And you should know, and I should TOO, that my parents are NOT from Turkey. They're from India. But in the spur of the moment I said, "Yes! They are!" And then I felt like a total IDIOT because it felt super weird coming out because it wasn't real, but I said it anyways because I think i got sheepish or confused or something. And instead of just letting it go and accepting my seemingly Turkish roots, I quickly said, "No wait! No, no they're from India I mean!" Bleckk what a train wreck. He looked at me all funny. I bet he thought I was some lost soul unaware of my own ethnicity.

But it gets worse. "(I giggled shly) Everybody thinks that though,"...thinks what I thought? "Really!? They think you're Turkish?" He asked, probably as bewildered as me. "Well, no. They tend to think I'm Iranian or something, never Indian though." And he laughed, THANK God. But WHY oh WHY did I have to say "oh everybody thinks that" when REALLY this was the first time ever someone guessed I was Turkish!!! And the whole Iranian thing?! Gahhh what was that! I went red.

I COULD have just been Turkish for a day, I SHOULD have just stopped talking and I WOULD have but I got nervous because the smile guy was five feet away. 


She dreamed she could.....

And she did. She flew away and never came back. 


It’s ok to just watch and listen sometimes; it’s ok to be a filter rather than a sponge.