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OK, so this is once again a rough edit, but now with some added musical material to the crash scene, which has also changed (it's really awesome, Marielv!)

I know some people are saying that the music isn't melancholy enough, and that's cool. I just personally see this work as more darkly humourous than melancholy, mainly from the inflections GO uses when narrating it and the quirky animation style by Marielv. But hey, each to their own! Your opinion is as valid as the next persons', and if anyone has any ideas about changing the score or want to do it yourself, go for it! I'd love to know what can be made from this :D

I'd also love to add a little something extra for the couple of seconds where Fred's leaf flutters to the ground after the crash. In my opinion, while it's sad, it's also a wickedly humourous moment, and I think it needs something to highlight it, I just can't figure out what. Again, if you have any suggestions, or if you think otherwise, please say!

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The violin and the bow rejoiced at their reunion by making sweet music together.