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by moonbug

hello fellow hitRECorders! just wanted to let everyone know that we have a fairly sizable place reserved for the Summer House of AWESOMENESS and there is room for more guests!

for those unfamiliar with this event, this is the third year that hitRECorders have gathered together to hang out, enjoy each others company and make RECords! the first year was a fairly spontaneos gathering (the details of which are shrouded in mystery!) and last year we organized gatherings in three locations: Lake Campau in Alto, Michigan in June; St. David's in Pembrokeshire, Wales in July; and Lake George in Wales, Massachusetts in September. turns out we get along swimmingly and we actually got a lot of work done as well!  SO we are doing it again this year! if you are interested in catching up with old friends, getting to know the people behind the RECords, making new friends and spending the week in the spirit of collaborative fun ~ or ANY or ALL of the above ~ you are WELCOME to attend!

here's a little ABOUT the place: we will be staying in the town of Langlois, which is just south of Bandon on the southern Oregon coast. we have reserved a multi-building compound, originally built in the 1800s as a ranch with a post office and room for wayward travelers, which later was home to a boy's school in the 50s and 60s then sat dormant until it was purchased by the current owner in the early 90s and was transformed into a vacation rental.

it is 4½ miles inland on 84 acres of land on the rollling hills overlooking the ocean, just a short drive to the beach which features a gorgeously rugged coastline, 2 nearby lighthouses, and is situated in the middle of the largest bird sanctuary on the west coast!

there is a main hall with a fireplace and dining area as well as a separate music room with a grand piano (woooo!). with three separate cabins - and a downstairs apartment available in the main house if we need it - there will be plenty of room for everyone to stay. the owner has been very accommodating and, being a musician herself, is happy to be sharing her land with a group of artists, which, believe me, is not the attitude one always encounters when looking for rental properties for large groups. we have quite a bit of flexiblity as we will be able to rent just the cabins that we need, which is making it possible to keep the rate fairly low.

the DATES are saturday, july 12th to sunday, the 20th.

the COST per person, per night is $50.

i am asking for a $50 deposit to hold your place at the house. if you pay now and find out later that you cannot go, i will refund your money.

you may stay as many or as few nights as you like (though i should stress that you WILL want to say for the duration, if you can!). if you stay the full week, the eighth night is free, so the most you will have to pay is $350.

funds for food will be sorted out once we arrive.

DISCLAIMER: i should stress that this is NOT an official hitRECord event and is not sponsored or sanctioned by hitRECord or Joseph Gordon Levitt. the money that is collected will go towards paying for the rental and if there happens to be any funds left over, it will go towards paying for our meals.

if you are interested in coming, send me an email and i will send you a link to the rental and give you all the details.

you can also friend me on facebook and i will invite you to the event group (though being on fb is not a requirement).

thanks so much! looking forward to seeing you there!


so here's my tiny manifesto:

honor love and art and let the rest go.

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"what can i say?" the magnet said,"things just come to me!"

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today marks my fourth year at hitRECord so i thought it would be appropriate to post this little book i did for all of you! :C)

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