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Do you think, you'll let me lie,

Holding on so tight,

That I can't breathe,

With happiness inside.

I cannot really tell,

How much it is I love you,

But with every breathe,

All I think of is you.


I won’t remember,

My past or even yours too,

For we are together,

And now there’s no one else.

This moment here,

Is the beginning of Life again.

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I saw a girl staring at me,

And all I wondered was about her eyes.

Beautiful, like I had never seen,

And then I realised There was a girl standing in front of me.


The girl seemed so angry.

I was making too much noise in a library,

And she couldn’t study.

I wanted to say something back.


But I couldn’t.

Her eyes kept me silent.

I thought whether I should speak to her,

But with what had just occurred, I just sat still.


I waited everyday for those eyes,

Searched every corner for those eyes,

But couldn’t find them at all.

I kept thinking about them all.


So expressive and yet so calm.

So stern and yet so simple.

I think I fell in love,

With just a stare.


I was just waiting,

When I saw the familiar Gaze again,

See was angry again at me,

I didn’t care, I saw my angel in front of me.


I didn’t have any complains,

I went across to her,

She looked more beautiful, when she was angrier.

Well, that was just the beginning of our story....

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I sat beside you and heard your whole story,

And all I felt was sad, at the way your heart broken.

It reminded me of my broken heart and,

All the dreams that still remain broken.


I look around me and then realise,

That we both are not alone.

Around us, there are many hearts broken.

That everyone has a story untold and sometimes unheard.


I don’t know how, but in some way,

We are all connected.

Everyone at some point of time has broken

Or has had his heart broken.


I curse the person who did this to us,

All I wish one day is he realises his fault,

To be loved by someone is beautiful,

And then to be left by the same person is so painful.


A tear falls from my eye,

I wish this heart was never there

And nobody could hurt you and me.


Our dreams would then have never been broken,

And the fear to fall in love again,

Would never have been there.


But life is never what we want it to be,

I think we realised that –

Life will be a series of disasters,

We just have to keep on moving ahead,

A bit shattered, but definately stronger.
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I sit in a closed room,

I look around and there’s no one beside me,

There’s noise just outside the door,

I think someone’s calling my name.


I know the place where I am,

But I can't seem to think,

My thoughts are blurred,

All I can think of is you,

Is it just me or the world is going crazy.


I know, it’s been a year since we parted,

And yet it seems just a year,

I think I see a glimpse of you,

Every now and then,

Is it just me or the world is going crazy.


I have tried everything to get over you,

Read a book, watched movies,

Talked aloud, even partied all night,

But try as much as I want to,

Is it me or the world is going crazy.


I think it is you, 

That has got into me,

I try and try to get rid of this feeling,

There are marks of my nails on myself,

My friends thought I was going crazy.


I tried to tell them all about you,

And how I can never leave you,

The marks are from me trying to get you out of me,

But I guess what they say is true,

It’s not the world, but me that going crazy.


And I blame you for all that is done,

I can see that smile on your face,

As if you are mocking me,

But then, it’s me that’s refused to let go,

So why should I blame you?


It’s been a month now, here in this mad house, 

But the world still appears to be the same,

With every passing day, your memory is fading,

I don’t know how long I will be stuck here,

But I know for sure, that’s the day you will be all gone....

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I think I like you,

You Wonderful, You,

I think I adore you,

You Wonderful, You.


Every morning, everyday,

You enliven me to woo you this way,

I would be lost without you,

You Wonderful, You.


Work and money, success and health,

Everything’s just for you,

You keep inspiring me,

You Wonderful, You.


You with your sparkly eyes,

And skin so rosy,

Your kindness, none to match,

You Wonderful, You.


I can't believe my fortune,

I think I feel everyone’s envy,

I think I love you,

You Wonderful, You.


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If only I could hear those 3 words from you,

You don’t even know how much I care,


The world would be so beautiful,

I think I would see the birds flying by,

The sea never so blue,

The grass could hardly been greener.


Everyone would be my friend,

And I would be your princess.


If only I could hear those 3 words from you,

You don’t even know how much I care,


Cats wouldn’t be so irritating,

Chocolates would all me mine,

Sleep would be just a blink to me,

And food would be like wine.


Everyone would be so understanding,

And I would be your Juliet.


If only I could hear those 3 words from you,

You don’t even know how much I care,


Movies would be so boring for me,

Facebook would just be a farce,

Television would just be a night mare,

Cause we would be always on the telephone.


Everyone would be so trustworthy,

And I would be your heroine.


If only I could hear those 3 words from you,

Life would just be so wonderful...

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Sing me a happy song,

So that I can match it with a ecstatic dance,

To spread along my euphoria to the world around me.


You say that today is a gloomy day,

I say lets sing and dance together,

Maybe you will see clearer with the rose tinted vision.


Lets together spread some joy,

So come, let’s just be jolly,

Forget the world and create our very own merry land.


I know that this may sound silly,

There so much to worry,

But just for some time lets fail to remember all the pain.


Lets sing a happy song,

A blithe time,

And let’s make a paragon for others to follow.


Let’s sing a Happy Song - T-O-D-A-Y.

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You look at the sky searching for me, 

There's a star that shining bright, That's me.

Tell me darling, can you see me,

Just the way than I can?


I remember the war,

With countries fighting,

I rolled in my name,

And I promised you of my return.


I didn’t retreat,

But my things did, with a letter too,

So darling can you forgive me,

To not live up to my word?


When our daughter will be married,

Will you do me a favour?

Will you give her away instead of me,

And tell her that her daddy is so proud?


There will be hurdles along the way,

And this life is not as easy as people say,

I love you so much, and when I see you every day,

So far away, I still feel your pain.


With all the tears and all the love,

I know there’s me in your heart,

But will you listen when I tell you that,

Darling its time, that you moved on?


Darling, don't be this way,

There’s still a lifetime you ought to live,

I will be always there overlooking you.

Be strong and just move on.

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I try to be quite,

Cause there is this silence all around me,

I look out the window,

And there in the shadow,

I know it is you.


Then I ask my lord to forgive me,

Cause this is what I wanted,

This is what I have got,

Then why does it hurt so much?


I feel a lot of pain inside me,

I want to shout, but I am too afraid,

I take a walk alone and there I take a rest.


Let me tell you,

Of all the sins I have done,

By far this is the worst.

How can I ask for someone to be dead?


How can I want it so badly,

I ask,

And then I seem to remember

Of all the pains and the hurt that you gave me.


I was an innocent girl once,

Searching for love,

And you pretended to be the one,

A look at you, and I felt my dreams had all come true.


A house of our own,

2 children and we,

And all the love we had for each other,

But I still don’t understand where did I make a mistake.


You not only broke my heart,

But broke a person too,

I smiled at people and laughed with them too,

But no one could see the dead girl in me.


I tried all I could,

To come alive,

But never could,

So I wished instead for you to be dead.


And though in front of me,

You body lays still,

I want to be happy,

But I am mourning instead.


People say a drug overdose killed you,

But I know the truth,

It was my prayers that did it.

So I say Congratulations to you.


You know why I say all this,

Cause you were always a murderer,

But who could think of all the things you could do to me,

You could make even a Killer out of me…..

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Love is not meant for me,

For years now, I ran behind it,

Fell and was left behind,

Scarred and the hurt which bled a lot.


Love is a vague term for me,

I have walked through the darkness,

When there was little to survive,

With a broken heart, I stood tall.


Love is meaningless for me,

I now own a heart of stone,

With feelings that appear to be cold,

So that never will you see this girl cry again.


Love is something I don't care for,

It makes me laugh, to see fools believing in it.

To think that they too shall fall,

I know how bad it will pain.


Love is a word that I can't understand,

Do you think, I should tell the fools so,

Maybe it will save them from all the misery,

I wish someone had told me the truth.


Love is just another word for me,

For years now, I have run away from it,

I have lost a part of me that's never returning,

So love is just not for me.

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