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moon_care Apr 19, 2012

Do you think, you'll let me lie,

Holding on so tight,

That I can't breathe,

With happiness inside.

I cannot really tell,

How much it is I love you,

But with every breathe,

All I think of

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I saw a girl staring at me,

And all I wondered was about her eyes.

Beautiful, like I had never seen,

And then I realised There was a girl standing in front of me.

The girl seemed so...

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I sat beside you and heard your whole story,

And all I felt was sad, at the way your heart broken.

It reminded me of my broken heart and,

All the dreams that still remain broken.


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I sit in a closed room,

I look around and there’s no one beside me,

There’s noise just outside the door,

I think someone’s calling my name.

I know the place where I am,

But I can't seem...

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I think I like you,

You Wonderful, You,

I think I adore you,

You Wonderful, You.


Every morning, everyday,

You enliven me to woo you this way,

I would be lost without you,

You Wonderful,

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If only I could hear those 3 words from you,

You don’t even know how much I care,


The world would be so beautiful,

I think I would see the birds flying by,

The sea never so blue,


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Sing me a happy song,

So that I can match it with a ecstatic dance,

To spread along my euphoria to the world around me.


You say that today is a gloomy day,

I say lets sing and dance

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You look at the sky searching for me, 

There's a star that shining bright, That's me.

Tell me darling, can you see me,

Just the way than I can?

I remember the war,

With countries...

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I try to be quite,

Cause there is this silence all around me,

I look out the window,

And there in the shadow,

I know it is you.

Then I ask my lord to forgive me,

Cause this is what I...

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moon_care Mar 30, 2012

Love is not meant for me,

For years now, I ran behind it,

Fell and was left behind,

Scarred and the hurt which bled a lot.


Love is a vague term for me,

I have walked through the

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