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i wrote a tiny story awhile ago called "not myself" and it seems some folks could relate to it... and then Symbiote wrote another one recently that felt somehow connected.  sometimes i find myself so tangled up in other people's feelings & thoughts to the point where i really can't hear my own anymore.

again, this is just me and my iphone atop the piano so please do remember how rough this is... i hope the sentiment comes through...


please excuse me if I'm not myself
i am tangled up in everybody else
and I am passing through you on the way to me
(i am just passing through you on the way to me) 

you don't know much about me or how my life has been
i know that you care about me but i just can't pretend
that all is well, all is fine
when i feel unhappy so much of the time
and i am passing through you on the way to me 
(i am just passing through on the way to me) 

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please excuse me if i'm not myself.  
it seems i'm tangled up in other people.

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this is the pic that inspired this here tiny story by honeysaeb: which lead to this here REmix by bloemday:

these kinds of magical moments happen everyday when you look at the world through the eyes of children.

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i challenged mr. joerud to write me a song to wake up to and the result was a time machine or a teleporter.  as i listen, i have one foot in one world and one in another.   

(i have zero skills with technology but i hope this still warms your hearts as it does mine)

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