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Fire Hydrant Patent

Saw this come up on my twitter feed today and thought it was ironic...

The inventor of the fire hydrant can't be verified because the patent office burned down.

"The invention of a post- or pillar-type fire hydrant is generally credited to Frederick Graff, Sr., chief engineer of the Philadelphia Water Works around the year 1801. [...] It is said that Graff held the first patent for a fire hydrant, but this cannot be verified, because the patent office in Washington, D.C. caught on fire in 1836 destroying many patent records from that period in the process." - wikipedia

December 31st+23rd 2,050


Today is Gift Days and what treasure I have received! First, this journal, given to me by Meh-Ma and Wài po . It is made of real paper, and they gave me a pen to write in it. Meh-Ma has written on the first paper ‘To Rosa, a glorious writer yet to become’. I have been practising my letters and have been drawing them out like they look if I would type them. I spent a very long time trying to figure out which hand I should use, but I think miderecha works best. I write so slowly, but with lots of...

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"Once you let the cat out of the bag, you can't get it back in"

Or "once the secret is revealed, you can't hide it again."

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by missamerica ago

Grinline's suggestion reminded me a conversation that skriks and I had about releasing videos and the encoding time. I've got two suggestions here which are vaguely related to each other, but mostly to do with videos.

  • Ability to pause an upload and resume it later.

I'm suggesting this mainly because when an file is uploading, particularly video files which can take a while, it means our internet is unusable for any other things. It would be nice to pause the upload, so we can do other things (like buffer the tv show we're watching) and...