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Happy Nián-Mas!

Today is Gift Days and what treasure I have received! First, this journal, given to me by Meh-Ma and Wài po . It is made of real paper, and they gave me a pen to write in it. Meh-Ma has written on the first paper ‘To Rosa, a glorious writer yet to become’. I have been practising my letters and have been drawing them out like they look if I would type them. I spent a very long time trying to figure out which hand I should use, but I think mi derecha works best. I write so slowly, but with lots of practice, I know I’ll get faster!!

And now I can be a real writer, like my Meh-Ma, and make wonderful stories like she does.

Papa and Mama have given me an apple for Gift Days! I have only ever seen one on Chaina’s teleplayer and it looks just as delicious in real life! I haven’t eaten it yet, I want to save it, but Papa says it won’t last very long, so I should eat it while it is still sweet. I tried putting it into the Sus-Modi, but he quickly stopped me and told me it doesn’t need modifying and that I should bite into it ‘raw’. I felt so stupid. I will eat it tomorrow. Right now, I have it sitting next to me and I can’t stop staring at it. It is so shiny and red. Papa says he used to pick an apple right off the tree and eat it right then and there! Dios mío! I can’t believe him!

The greatest present of Gift Days is what Papa gave to Mama!! He gave her a real, old-fashioned bath-tub! It was delivered 2.3 days ago, and I believe it is really heavy! The men who delivered it came, right at Rain Time, and had to take cover when the rain started. I believe they waited a full 15 minutes until the rain stopped; and one man got a splash on his arm, but Mama looked and said it was only a slight burn. They hauled the bath-tub inside and put it on the lounge floor, and it is so bright and white! Taì piàoliàng lè!!

I had to ask Papa how the bath-tub works, and he told me that when he was a boy, they would fill the bathtub with warm water, and sit in it, naked, and wash! I laughed so loudly at that! To wash yourself with real water, and to get wet, only to dry yourself again?! And he said that in those days they did not have the Talc-Shower and told me that having a ‘bath’ is a luxury.

The real gift is that he has acquired water to put into the bath-tub! Mama was so surprised and started crying about how many credits he spent. But he told her that he had been saving all this time so that she could have a bath again. Next week the water will be delivered and they will heat it and put it into the bath-tub. I can’t believe that people in my father’s days would waste water like that! But Mama is so happy, I want to be happy with her, and maybe I can see what it is like to have so much water around. Maybe I can even try it! Dànyuàn rúcǐ!

My hand is tired from writing, but my letters look better. I will practice more tomorrow night.



Nián-Mas – combination of Nian (Chinese New Year) and Christmas

wài po– (Chinese) Mother’s mother [grandmother] (外婆)

Meh-Ma and Wài po – Rosa’s grandmothers

mi derecha – my right (as in ‘my right hand’)

Chaina (pronounced ‘Kenna’) – Rosa’s best friend

teleplayer – like a TV

Sus-Modi - Sustenance Modifier

Dios mío! (Spanish)- My god!

taì piàoliàng lè! (Chinese) So pretty! (太漂亮了!)

Talc-Shower – a dry shower, which uses air, instead of water, to clean.

Dànyuàn rúcǐ! (Chinese) I hope so! (但愿如此!)


[Edited to correct the Chinese that cloudycloud so helpfully suggested!]


Loved Ellie's testimonial for Guns Policy, so shortened it into a bite-sized, nibble ;)


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Left the sound in, even though you can hear me giggling at the end. :)

High res, text + textless


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Hi-RES, text + textless



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"Once you let the cat out of the bag, you can't get it back in"

Or "once the secret is revealed, you can't hide it again."



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Written by: Metaphorest





Voice over by: ChrissyRegler

Score by: tinderlocks

Make-up effects by DeadKiriyama and CaptClare

Assistant Directed, and Storyboards by: andyramone

Directed and Edited by missamerica

Special thanks to 12.42, The Shuttersmith and everyone at the European House of Awesomeness.  Thank you all so much!  Could not have done it without you <3

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In ballet class, while all the other girls were working on their point and turnout, I was working on my arms.  Here's a quick video for animators who ever need to reference arm movements.

Dressed like a douche so that my arms were contrasted from the rest of my body.

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V short tutorial on why to shoot horizontally, and never vertically.

14 seconds long, but technically the tutorial part is only 10 seconds.  The last two shots are to show why.

Oh, and Miles says hi ;)

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Grinline's suggestion reminded me a conversation that skriks and I had about releasing videos and the encoding time.  I've got two suggestions here which are vaguely related to each other, but mostly to do with videos.

  • Ability to pause an upload and resume it later.  

I'm suggesting this mainly because when an file is uploading, particularly video files which can take a while, it means our internet is unusable for any other things.  It would be nice to pause the upload, so we can do other things (like buffer the tv show we're watching) and resume it later so I don't lose the progress I've made so far.


  • Double release function

Skriks and I talked about this function in regards to the encoding time of videos.  Most videos require a bit of time to encode, and sometimes by the time it's finished the record has slid its way down the dashboard (and sometimes out of sight).

We thought it would be a cool idea if we could (1) upload our video, which could then be placed in a 'holding area', and we could (2)release it when it's done encoding.  So basically the first release would be automatically hidden, and then we could use the second release button to unleash it to the world when it's ready.

Like grinline's suggestion about an 'automatic release', this would allow us to upload things overnight, and then release them in the morning (or whenever we're ready) without encountering any I/O errors or page time outs.

Thoughts or futher suggestions?




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The re-edit of Science Fiction has been on my 'to do' list for wayyyyy too long.  So many more really great contributions to choose from this time!  Loved Spaceship's remix response to the last request and couldn't wait to get my hands on it!



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Cryptography scramble of 'SECRETS' in Helvetica with transparent background to be used as an overlay.  This is RFHR* so you can lay it over the top of your existing edit or footage and re-size with no degradation.




*Really Fucking High Res

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