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I AM: missamerica
missamerica Released Mar 01, 2015

Once, a few years ago, another hitRECorder said to me, as we walked down the street, "What's with 'missamerica'?  That's a bit arrogant, isn't it?"

Well, there's a story behind the username...

When I first moved to Scotland to go to Uni, I started working part time in a bar.  It was an 'old man's pub' and was pretty laid back, and closed at 11pm every night, so it was perfect for me.

Being an old man's pub, all of the bartenders (barmaids) were known by name to the regular patrons, and the regulars were known by name to the bartenders.  It was like a very large, largely dysfunctional family.  

And everyone had a nickname: High Tower, Pretty Boy, was a rare thing to be called by your real name.

One Sunday morning before we opened, I asked Da (named because he was the caretaker of the pub, and the 'Dad' of the place) what my nickname was.

I prepared to cringe because quite often the nicknames the punters (regulars) gave the barmaids was usually slightly offensive, but funny, and I was a little scared that I would hate mine.

His reply was, 'You don't have a nickname, hen.'

I was a bit 'Oh.' :/  To be a part of the family, it meant something if you had a nickname, and I felt slightly out of the circle because I didn't have one.  I wasn't part of the club, and if the regulars didn't like you, you wouldn't last long in their pub.  They ruled supreme.

Of course, the regulars just didn't know how to comprehend this little American girl who had come into their bar and didn't know the definition of a half-and-half, didn't know what a 'lager tops' was.   I learned though (and...

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