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Herbert had the rare ability to remember
When he began to exist.
He opened his eyes
And then he was.

A bird flew near him and called out,
‘Hello! I’m Isle, who are you?’
Who am I? Herbert wondered.
And without much thought as to why
He answered, ‘I’m Herbert.’

Herbert walked the land
As Isle flew alongside.
They admired the beauty of the earth
And the landscape that they traversed.

Isle flew in circles around Herbert
He soared and flew a loop de loop.
‘Why did you do that?’ asked Herbert.
‘Because I can!’ exclaimed Isle.

‘You should always do the things that you can,
so that you can remember and live.’
Herbert pondered this.
‘What does it mean to live?’

‘To live is to experience the world around you
We are not here for long,
And we must do the things we can to make the most of it.
So that we can remember.’

‘And what happens when you no longer live?’ asked Herbert.
Isle settled on Herbert’s shoulder.
‘If we don’t live, we die’ replied Isle solemnly.
‘Why would you stop living?’ questioned Herbert.

Isle sighed. ‘We don’t get a choice.’
Herbert contemplated this.
‘When will I die?’ he asked.
Isle tutted. ‘Nobody knows when. That’s a secret.’

‘Will I die too, someday?’ asked Herbert.
Isle sized up Herbert’s machinery.
‘I don’t think you will,’ he replied.
‘You will simply stop existing.’

‘I want to live, the way you do,’ said Herbert.
Isle flew around his head.
‘Then you need to experience the world!’
he shouted gleefully.

‘Smell the flowers and the earth and grass,
Hear the sounds of the waterfall, feel the wind against you.’
And Isle closed his eyes as he soared
Feeling the air as it rustled through his feathers.

Herbert and Isle traveled along together.
For years, they enjoyed the beauty of the world.
The waterfalls, the grass, the rays of sunshine
Peaking through the clouds.

But still, Herbert did not understand living,
Though he never admitted it to Isle.
And he carried on, watching as Isle
Experienced the world.

Then one day, Isle settled on Herbert’s shoulder.
‘Aren’t you going to fly ahead?’ Herbert asked.
‘Will you soar in a loop de loop?’
‘Not today,’ replied Isle. ‘I am tired.’

Herbert found a boulder and sat.
Isle jumped down and lay in his hands.
‘But you’re supposed to live and experience,’ said Herbert.
‘I have,’ said Isle.

‘I remember the smell of the flowers and grass,
I remember the sound of the waterfall
I remember feeling of the air rustling my feathers.
I lived so I can remember what it was like.’

Herbert looked down at Isle,
Who looked so fragile in his giant hands,
And watched as Isle closed his eyes
for the final time

And it was then, on the day that Isle died
That Herbert understood
What it means to live.



HENRY ADAM WOOD is sitting up in his bed. A writing table, tray shaped, straddles his body. On it is a quill, inkwell, and parchment.

The DOCTOR is standing next to Henry's bed, he looks concerned and shakes his head.

The doctor points to the parchment. Henry gives him a scowl as the doctor leaves.

Henry picks up the quill and begins to write.

                  Dear Bromwell...As my butler, I am sure you have heard
                 through gossip and whisperings from the other servants that I
                 will not live much longer.

Henry looks off into the distance, lightly nibbling on the end of his quill. He begins to write again.

                                       HENRY (CONT'D)


                         I beg you to recall the unfortunate collision involving                      

                         your son, aged 6 years.



A crowd of people dressed in dresses and day suits stand around what looks to be a picnic. There are tables of food laid out, and red and white checkered blankets on the grass. Some people sit, while others are mingling.

A game of croquet is being played by several people nearby.

                                       henry (CONT'D)
                         I can only apologise that I did not take more
                        of an interest in your son’s upbringing...

We see BROMWELL'S SON standing with his ballooon.

                                      HENRY (CONT'D)
                that he would have correctly developed
                         the good sense not to jump in front of one's carriage.

We hear the sound of a horse galloping and see in the distance, YOUNG HENRY, recklessly driving a cart. Young Henry is finishing off a bottle of wine and takes no care to watch where he is going.

We ZOOM IN to Bromwell's son's fear-stricken face.

We ZOOM IN to the horse's wild face as he gives a horse-like scream. There is a sound of hooves scraping as the horse tries to stop.


We see Bromwell's son fly out from the front of the cart and off-screen.

The horse, cart, and Henry, continue out of control down a hill and out of sight.

Party-goers begin to gather.

We hear a crash, and see a wheel from the cart fly up over the hill and roll past BROMWELL, who stares after it. He runs in the direction his son flew past.

                                        HENRY (CONT'D)
                         I do believe that my cart and horse are still needing
                         replaced. Please see Mrs Wood for repayment.

The crowd around Bromwell's son obstructs our view and Bromwell pushes past them to get to his son.

cut to:


Henry is writing, looking quite please with himself.

                                        HENRY (CONT'D)
                         Sincerely, Henry Adam Wood.

Henry puts down his quill. Thinks a minute, then picks it back up again.

                                        HENRY (CONT'D)
                        P.S. I feel that your reaction to my suggestion

cut to:


We see a large woodpile. A short, stout looking MAN, is digging through, rejecting pieces of wood, until he finds one the right size.

Bromwell is standing nearby watching, with a look of horror on his face.

                                         HENRY (CONT'D)
                        of having my carpenter fashion a new leg for
                        your son from the woodpile, was not received with
                        the same enthusiasm with which my generosity was

cut to:


Henry puts down his quill, a sly smile on his face. He leans back, laces his fingers together over his chest and closes his eyes.


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Season 2!!!

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This might be coming in a bit late, and probably someone has submitted this idea already, but we could have an episode related to heroes.

This could be the fictional superpower variety, or someone in our lives. But we all have had someone we've looked up to, tried to emulate either behaviour or look, the morals, their talents...

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With one cloud which covered the breadth of the sky, 
darkening and obscuring the setting sun
I saw the entrance of what I, in my bar manager days, 
would have described as 'a nightmare'.

The gaggle of sweaty Freshers  in their golf clothes
or clothes they thought would be golf-ey enough
to pass as 'golf clothes'.
The pub crawl:
pink drinks, and pints
skinny straws,
shakin ice.
And I would have felt jealousy
or muttered 'Kids these days' 
with a shake of my fist
But instead, I thought,
"I've already enjoyed the fun you are about to have.
And one day, a quiet drink in a sleepy old pub with friends
with its creaky chairs
and draft breezing in from the window
will be enough for you, too.
You'll no longer want to dress
in stupid clothes
and bounce from drink to drink.
You'll want that quiet drink with your
friends on your birthday.
The intelligent chat, the peanuts
waiting anxiously in a shallow glass.
An extra cold pint, maybe two, with
your choice company.
But not today.  
Today you will have fun your own way.
Until that day."

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Really should just be patient and see all of the remixes that will come out of Madisen's song, but I really liked this when I heard it and I couldn't help myself ;)

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I was thinking about this earlier today and then I saw Inger's RECord about Re: News and I think it would be really interesting if we expanded her idea to cover all types of media:

  • How does media influence us?

  • We are relying more and more on the interenet while newspapers are dying. Will future generations ever know the romanticism and satisfaction of opening a crisp, broadsheet?

  • How some magazines known for their salacious contents actually have really great articles tucked inside? Or do they??

  • Radio; Oh man, radio shows are amazing.  The old time, storytelling...ahhh!

  • TV: It has taken over our lives.

  • Perception of the public and how it's swayed by what we read, watch, listen to.  How can media help or hurt us as an intelligent society?

  • A lot of journalistic morals have been called into question recently.  Are there still 'rules' of journalism? 

  • Paparazzi.  Let's have a chat about the ugly step-sister to photography...

Oh, I could go on....



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Here are a few theme ideas that I think have some potential for Season 2.


Beliefs/Superstitions - This is intriguing to me because so many different cultures have different beliefs.  But sometimes, it's not the differences, but the similarities that are interesting.  How can two cultures from different sides of the world have a similar belief?  How does belief relate to faith?  How can one's beliefs make them an outsider? 

Short ideas:

  • A quick story revolving around someone who believes in something that only he or she can see (we, the audience can see it, too).  We follow them as they are ostracised by society, only to eventually see them proved right, but too late...

  • Many testimonials can be contributed to this theme, especially regarding superstitions

  • Here's a question:  Why do faiths have to have a doctrine for their followers?  If it's a belief, if it's faith, then why is there a need to have a handbook? 


Words/Language/Signs - I can see these themes being pushed together into a larger theme surrounding communication. From sign language, signs and other visual forms of communicating, to how language began and evolved to the languages we speak today.  How do accents play into this? And how to slang terms mean different things in different cultures?  barush had touched on this subject in her testimonial RE: Remix, and I think these are all ideas that would be fun to explore.

Shorts ideas:  

  • A live-action farce centering on miscommunication/mispronunciation

  • A short animated vignette about a young boy/girl who talks backwards and can't talk normally. Perhaps a morale to go with it about not judging others?  Awww...

  • A short video (perhaps animation) of people who don't speak, but when they open their mouths, signs float out that convey what they're saying

  • Something about speaking only in metaphors and similes..

  • silent film with dialogue conveyed only through facial expressions

Pairs/duality - This is a good chance to explore things that are defined by their opposite.  Light can be described as 'not dark'; 'Love' can be described as opposite of 'hate'.  But while pairing up opposites, there are also the ones that compliment each other.  

Short ideas:

  • Well...Never Wrongs and Ever Rights, of course!!

  • Maybe a short live-action about a sort of 'mirror world' where everything is backward. So instead of saying 'I love you', the norm is 'I hate you'.

  • Loads of testimonial potential simply by asking the opposite of what you'd normally ask. Like, 'What kind of person do you not want to be?' and other such things...

Family/Home - I saw one of these themes pop up on my dashboard and instantly my mind was racing with ideas.  The definition of 'home' could be anywhere, and sometimes we use it to describe simply a place we feel comfortable and not necessarily our domicile.

Same with 'family' as we tend to group people we like and hang out with into a separate category of friend and call them a 'second family'.  Any type of community can be compared as 'family' (like this here little community of artists!).  Really interesting concepts here.

Short ideas:

  • Testimonial potential is astronomical!!

  • Short films about how a blood relation family is less 'family' than a group of close knit friends

  • Perhaps an animation about how 'home' moves with you

  • Oh, can we just take a moment and talk about the concept of being 'homesick'??  

Time - On the surface this seems pretty basic, but actually there have been a lot of great ideas kicking about regarding the theme of 'time'.  The ideas about second chances. And what about time travel? (WHERE'S MY JETPACK??) 

Short ideas:

  • There's a lot of potential exploring the idea of 'time' as a character.  Father Time?

  • Oh dear, we must do a Fake History

  • Some testimonial potential about how we perceive time

Emotions - credit to Ashes2Ashes for this one.  There are so many things about this that I love.  It would be fascinating to explore the concept of emotions and how people try to stop feeling certain emotions (Ever tried to fall out of love??).  Also the negative emotions that can lead to a positive result (like being angry about people not recycling, which leads to starting a recycling revolution).  Or negative emotions that are so self-centered that they  never acheive the outcome intended (like jealousy)

Short ideas:

  • Well, there's just tons to do with this; testimonials; shorts, etc.  

  • Song plus video to dive into this theme even further (I have 'Happy' in my head right now :)  )


Ok, so those are some of my picks for now; but I'll probably update this as I come across more great themes, so check back!


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  • Differences and similarities of belief in a higher power

  • superstitions

  • belief in the supernatural (ghosts, bigfoot, aliens, etc)

  • predictions in the future ("seeing" dreams and déjà vu)

  • difference (or not) of belief and faith

  • hope

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