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Tinderlocks, who is a symphonic magician, composed such a gorgeous score to version 1 of this edit that I couldn't help but start working on version 2 right away!

I've re-arranged some of the clips, and re-timed the ending a bit to match up with his beautiful score.

By no means finished, but getting there ;)



I love love LOVE this beautiful writing by Phenomenaaa.  I wanted to make something with this so badly; and I asked aszarkowski if she would do a voice over for me.

I was blown away!  She's got such an amazing subtly to her reading that it just inspired me even more.

Of course, as soon as I heard 'Clementine' by Valerie D, everything just started to come together seemingly on its own.

This was an absolute joy to make, with thanks to these wonderfully talented ladies.


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Special, mad, crazy props to Pamagotchi and DeadKiriyama for agreeing to go for a dip in the sea...

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