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a Red Fox sighting
michele.anne14 Released Apr 26, 2013

I’ve heard several stories about her, but I never believed them.  I thought they were just a bunch of comic book groupies trying to convince the world and themselves that superheroes were real, not that she’s a superhero, more of a vigilante I’d say.

These stories seemed impossible until a few days ago when I met her myself.

As I left the office, walking home as I normally do, a dark car flew past the sidewalk.  I thought to myself, It’s idiots like that that cause car accidents, just as I heard the crash.  My head spun in the direction of the sound when I saw her standing there in the middle of the street, guitar in hand and the car smashed into a nearby light post so bad you couldn’t tell where the car ended and the light post began.

I started to run towards the accident when the driver, a tall, clearly strong man, emerged from the car and began to run towards her with that look in his eye that any person would fear.

But she didn’t.  Before he could reach her, she began to play her guitar, and the man froze instantly.  The gun, which I hadn’t noticed up until this point, fell from his right hand to the ground, as did the bag in the left hand. 

The sirens grew louder and once they were in sight she began to creep from the middle of the street to the sidewalk, leaving the man, the gun, and the bag to be handled by the police.  As they surrounded him, she stopped playing and ran, only slowing down when she saw me.  She didn’t say anything, only looked at me with a look I’ll never forget.

The next day someone I worked with asked if I had heard about the robbers that were arrested...

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