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I think a few other recorders, including epocadofim, brought this up previously, but I wanted to talk a bit more about credits for productions.

One of the most incredible things about hitrecord is that it is not only an artist community -- a place to experience, remix, and grow -- but also a place to get exposure for your work and to progress in your art field. This is amazing. It is one of the most compelling and unique parts of this community.

With our new adventures into TV, opportunities have only grown. And I know there are even higher ambitions for future hitrecord productions, including possibly a feature film or another big, exciting undertaking.

As the productions we do grow in scale, and the exposure of our work goes from hundreds to thousands to now even millions of eyes, I think the issue of credit is important. I'm specifically talking about how artists are named and listed in the official credits for paid productions.

We're publishing books, making short films, doing TV shows -- these are huge opportunities for artists. In fact, these are career-launching opportunities for artists. Being an animator on a TV show or an illustrator published by Harper Collins or a writer with a short film shown at Sundance -- these are huge accomplishments and are all things that have actually happened through hitrecord.

In professional productions, credit listings can be a very big deal. In film, for example, it's not uncommon for people to be compensated "with credit". Credit is so valuable it is considered a currency in that industry. But in almost any art field, building a resume...

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we sat on the lawn and watched the house burn.

it was nearly gone by the time we got there. My mother picked me up from dance class and we drove home, not able to digest the news,...

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I have a love/hate relationship with this website. I'm a musician, so I will be discussing the musical part of hitRECord.

When I first discovered hitRECord, I was really pleased...

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1secret Oct 30, 2014

I am in my 20’s and I have never been kissed.

And no I am not talking about the defining type of kissing moment Drew Barrymore’s Josie Geller was longing for in Never Been Kissed,...

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To all of you I give hearts to a special request:

Please do not thank me by leaving a comment "thanks for the heart/hearts" on one of my RECords,

For though I truly appreciate the...

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skriks Oct 29, 2014