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Dear hitRECord,

The new way of presenting records has an elegance to it and on the whole I think I may just need to get used to it. It doesn't seem to hurt videos and photos I don't think although the heart for appreciation may be a little too small.

HOWEVER, in the case of text records, without the bold title at the top of the page, they look much more boring and far less enticing to read. I just had a look in my stream at the text records and they don't draw the eye anymore at all. I believe that readership of records may be reduced by the new design as people need to know what they're getting involved in right away with a piece of writing or they won't bother, they'll just carry on scrolling. As a writer myself I am concerned by this change which is why I'm bringing it up even though I try not to moan normally.

If anyone does or doesn't feel the same way I would love to hear from you. Also, if anyone at hR has the chance to give any feedback that would be great too, thanks


Best Regards,



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LiamSheils Released ago

Hi Everyone!

Congratulations! We just finished up year 1 of The RECordographic Lens Project. I am moving this coming weekend and have also started a new job -- I am going to return 2 weeks from today (once I'm settled) with the first week of year 2. I encourage everyone to take their cameras out anyway, and shoot away. Have a wonderful August, and I promise I'll be back soon with the new theme!

Marie Bee

by Marie Bee ago

Dear HitRECord,

You're great. We love you. We love working with you, and for you.

(Or, at least, as much as you let us work with you, but that's another issue altogether.)

But I am of a shared opinion that this "Yo Mama Rap" is a step too far, and a line we should not cross, and which a lot of us presumed would be out of the question as being a thing you would include.

I think a lot of us thought that the episode RE: Guns would at some point produce some sort of angle that would feel like we should ultimately avoid (and at this point,...

by Metaphorest ago

How many times have i wanted to say to someone, "I understand that you don't like this story. But I don't think you understand that your dislike of it shows your utter ignorance of what constitutes a good story and also shows that you have spent your entire life imbibing the literary equivalent of fast food and empty calories. It is not the story that is bad, my friend. But your mind." Yep, have wanted to say that to a lot of people. And not only if they dislike my stories. Some folks are raised on such crap that they really see...

by scifiwritir ago
by missamerica ago

**begin rant**

There are several collabs, the top one which comes to mind is The Cutting Edge Collab, which have so much good writing that they could potentially be their own anthology. And they have a lot of really talented people who’ve contributed to them and helped build an amazing and intricate world.

My question/request/grievance/thing-I’ve-just-decided-to get-annoyed-enough-to-write-a-record-about is how little people (myself included) appreciate the writing on this site. But I’ve long ago given up on trying to change that.


by Mottelz ago

Since there is a forum for all stuffs hitRECord I wanted highlight this again.

Copyright issues are a mess, but because there are laws and shit we have to abide by them. The laws re: intellectual property can be confusing and a lot think that because old or it's on the internet it's 'in the public domain' which is not the case, so of course hitRECord will have it's fair share of copyrighted material uploaded, possibly unbeknownst to the uploader.

Is everyone aware there is a Copyright Flag collab to add albums too and a video explaining...

by CaptClare ago
by hyvoky ago

I don't think I'm alone here, but I'd quite like the 'Results from My Recommendations' tab back. I know it was flawed and that's why it was taken away, but it was still so great to see the remixes of pieces we'd recommended before.

Also, it would bring up results from collabs we've hearted and allow us all to stay abreast of the trends in certain collaborations, and particularly collaborations that have fallen off the grid for a time while other collabs are being featured/requested.*

[I don't really see much difference in the 'New...

by missamerica ago

Will there be any venue shoots for HRoTV2 this summer/fall?

by debit72 ago