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"When I think of the number one I think of firsts. And it’s particularly relevant for me right now, because I just accepted an offer for my first real job, the first job that I will have that is the product of 19 consecutive years of education. And it’s pretty exciting, it’s also kind of scary. I’m going up next week because I have to move to a new city to find the first apartment that I will have to find by myself and will have to pay for by myself. And all of those different firsts are going on right now. I’m really sick of them and I would really like them to stop happening. After this I’m good for a while. Because no matter how exciting they are, they’re really stressful. I’ve had a first something happen pretty steadily for the past four years and slightly slower for… all the years before that. And I think that’s just part of the human experience, we’re always doing new things. No matter how much I think it would be nice to stop throwing myself into new situations or having some stressful, weird thing happen - I‘m pretty sure I would get bored really quickly. And I think that’s true for a lot of us. We are naturally curious. And with natural curiosity comes doing new things and having more firsts."




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Hi Everyone,

Over the past few weeks, I've been thinking a lot about HitRECord and how to improve channels of communication. Communication has also been something that has been brought up several times within the collaboration already.

In a traditional working environment, employee morale is regularly taken into account and analysed. While we are technically not employees and while HitRECord is far from a traditional company, I think it's important that people feel good and positive about what they are working on and feel like they can approach the team if they have any questions/concerns/want to emphasise something that worked well.

With that in mind, I wanted to propose that we use the Resident Curators to help "curate" community feedback. If the resident curators agreed (it doesn't even have to be all the curators, we could have them volunteer), curators could make themselves available to be contacted by email with any questions, concerns, suggestions and comments about the site. These could be curated and gathered (anonymously if the person prefers) and every month the curators sit down and have a Skype call with the team at HQ. We discuss the issues being raised, what the community feels is working, what isn't, fears, complaints. The whole meeting is minuted (maybe we can even make short regularities) with all the feedback. This then gets released on the site.

Here are what I think are the advantages of this process:

1. TRANSPARENCY - the community knows what's going on, they know issues are being raised regularly, and the results of this are being displayed openly on the site. If there is follow up feedback, people can once again talk to the curators. It also gives us an idea if comments/questions are widespread or limited to one person.

2. CURATION - people will need to submit their questions, so there is control over what is being discussed (in the sense that no one feels like HitRECord is "overlooking" their issue). If it's submitted, it's brought up and addressed, rather than trying to search through a hundred comment thread. There have also been a number of "debrief" records over the past few weeks...perhaps future debriefs could become an extension of the Community Curator Meetings, allowings HitRECord to tackle things as they come up and alleviating the influx of suggestions/questions/complaints every 6 months or so.

3. LINK BETWEEN HQ & THE WIDER COMMUNITY - this process would take the pressure off the team at HQ, we would have a number of different voices and opinions, and people might feel less pressure talking to one of the community rather than directly to the HQ team.

I think this would provide a really effective channel for the community to express their feelings on the site, and allow for better curation and focus on things we can improve. All in all, a more positive dialogue.



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- There are credits at the end of this video because this project is doubling as my final project for a film class. We have to make a 3-5 min video (documentary, narrative, experimental, etc.) and the first idea that came to mind was Patterns & Prayers. Before I could go ahead with this project, I had to ask permission from my professor and TA. I explained what hitRECord was, the collaboration process, and how uploading my final project to the site would be easier to credit video, audio, and image resources rather than uploading it to vimeo or YouTube. They OK'd it. There are credits at the end so they understand that none of this footage, images, and audio is mine. I purely edited.

- MattConley is credited as the audio resource because I stripped the audio from his Live Cut (also resourced below).

- I've always loved Joe's poem and this live performance. If you haven't seen his original performance of this poem, you should.

- *cough*hitrecordontvhalloweenspecial*cough*

Hope you enjoy <3

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-I don't REmix RECords often, but I couldn't help myself when I saw this image by FollyA. 

-After seeing this photo, I instantly had this idea where all of these pine cones that were dropping off of trees were really little dancers letting go of the branches.  I imagined beautiful music surrounding hundreds of 'falling dancers.'  OR she could even be the last pine cone to fall, fitting into The Number One collab.  Or it could be a love story between the last TWO, a male and female falling together.  Maybe a ppeppina piece?  Something like the tiny song, 'CRASHING.' :)

Maybe I'll try to develop some sort of story out of this idea.

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“I like the stars. It's the illusion of permanence, I think." ― Neil Gaiman, The Sandman, Vol. 7: Brief Lives

{a double exposure of a nicely decorated ceiling in Reykjavík's Hamborgara Bullan and space, yo}

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2011,thought i'd try a fresh start. felt great and positive. then... verbal abuse + insults from my father.

i'm not ladylike, he says

i'm not very feminine, he says

"the fact that you even want to do something like this suggests there's something wrong in your head"

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I met joerud for the first time in real life exactly one year ago it felt like quite a fitting day to release the profile of him I've been working on.

We've had a lot of fun during this past 365 days and been on a fair few adventures.

Here's to the next year!

I'm really glad you are my friend.


(Download for HQ)

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HITRECORDERLY #4 is almost out for release.  Thank you so much for your patience — almost home! <3

by jared
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Today is my birthday.  I lust for the adventure my 32nd year will bring.

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-The papers say he's gonna get off.

-Her blood was under his fingernails.

-That's old money for you.

by tori
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