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i'm going to call this the first 2 or 3 exposures I did with my rolleicord before I kind of figured out everything. didn't intend for it to turn out as anything, but i like it.

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Who has been in a creative slump? I've been in a creative slump.

I write. I take pictures.  I edit video.  I do other things, but prefer not to do them on command, but may be able to compromise.

So. PLEASE challenge me.

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I don't even know. Snow+dirt+clouds = weird washed out thing.

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It snowed, and I took a walk.

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Sugar is so pretty.

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at first it was dark, and then the light came

slowly at first, mere photons flickering as sparks

joining, creeping, branching out into a web

intricate and fragile


and so it was dark

it was dark, but then there was a spark

a spark sharp and bright

cutting through the black

and it spread, fierce and brilliant

everything shone gold, then a blinding white

like the wildfire it seemed it burnt itself out

and it was dark once more

then i felt a touch, light and glancing

i saw two eyes reflecting those last dying embers

i closed my eyes

i felt a rush of warmth curling and twisting through my veins

i opened my eyes

it was light and i was not alone.

A very merry belated Christmas zitadavid! This started out basically as a meditation on Christmas and winter and what it means to me and carried on from there.  I hope your holidays were warm and lovely and full of friends and family and food!

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I miss the hills of my hometown, the twists and curves in the roads, seeing the skyline from my school’s front lawn, and the catacombs below.  I miss long drives in the country, tobacco turning into corn and then back again, counting the deer in the woods by the highway, and every so often smelling a skunk, chicken, hog.  I miss exploring downtown, with its old abandoned storefronts and factories, knowing we shouldn’t be there and not caring, knowing no one would stop us anyway.

When I leave this flat, dreary land for those beloved hills, I know it will be different, changed. For all that the skyline will be the same, the roads twisted and confused, Pilot Mountain in this distance, the place I grew up is gone.  It’s not just that they’ve knocked down some factories or that Trade Street has galleries instead of prostitutes.  The city I lived in was half in my head, and I… I grew up.

Now in my transient lifestyle I miss it.  I couldn’t wait to leave, but now it’s gone.  I miss me the way I was.  And now I wonder if this is it, is that gone for me? Will I find someplace to make my own again, or will I be stuck in this limbo forever?

Not quite here but not quite gone.

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I'm just going to sit here and be amused that, of all the crap on my coffee table, you can clearly see that the book on the bottom is called Epidemiology.

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Same one, contrast ramped up...

For the sake of something, I shall blurb.  Scars: burn from the top of my oven (galley kitchens are evilevilevil) and mosquito bites from where I picked.

Moles from... I'm blaming my mom because none of these are notably inherited ones like the one on mah nose.  I never paid attention to them until I went to the dermatologist for an unrelated reason, and, as he was about to leave, he asked, "Can I look at your moles?". Apparently the "average" person has 20 on their entire body.  I have 20 on the lowever half of my left forearm.

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I have many scars, but none of them epic.  Most of mine have faded.  I have a burn from the top of my oven and two mosquito bite scars (I picked as a child.  What am I saying, I pick now).

They all look like little, albino moles amongst the rest.

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OK FRIENDS! I was going to have my 400th record be special.  Well oops. 

Instead I'm requesting things for a special thing.  I'm making this a collab for ease of use.


Audio (or video, whatever) of people saying "THE INTERNET!"

Screencaps of both sides of a video chat.  Excited happy thrilled to see each other people in a video chat.

Video of people performing Seldelaterre's 'i am my favorite thing' found here(and in the reel woohoo) . If you don't want to do the whole thing, at least do the last line. I WOULD REALLY LIKE IF SELDELATERRE DID THIS HERSELF!


This is all I can think of right now. I WILL ADD MORE AS I THINK OF IT.

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