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Sadly, the necklace hung itself around the neck.
You haven’t noticed for a whileBut that girl out the window has left a pileEach mosaic like a piece of her eyesOthers music, others whines What did she see that makes you feel so wise?
I want to be that stoic landmark.Slated in the ocean,smacked with the waves.Of foam and piss.Of urchins.Of cowbells.Of licorice sticksand twisted lies.To be permanent would be the ultimate,of whatever the definitionof ultimate,is to you.
by memorizednost... ago
I'm going out tonight and trying to figure out what to wear. I typed the above into google to get some answers, but instead I wrote a song. That's usually how my life works.

Jean vest tight dress

I’ve got nothing to looseMy breath is icy and my fringe is coldCome again and move my eyesI’ve got noting to looseWith you

Languishing on corners

I met you in the nightThey say shadows hide secrets and dangerI say knowing what the night hidesScares me moreCome on over We’ve got nothing to looseI’m wearing a jean vest and tight dress tonight


I am mashed beyond belief.Minced by my history and its makers.Colliding with the perpetrators of such feelings andgetting slapped in the face by the tales of old.Stepped on by individuals on the splintered, hardwood floor.I’m stretched, thrown, and draped like an antique Moroccan rug. I am either less worthy then the floor OrSo beautifully detailed (but never flawed) that I could grace the eyesof the walking.Unraveled.The burgundy threads will come apart soon.

I will Awilda your heart and you will be my prince of Denmark.O, 1837!I will sip my coffee from a crater mug full of leaps and jumps.I will wonder the nomad land for another angry fix,Of turntables and venom.I will take your eyes with me, But leave you their memories.I will kiss each monument on your body like a call to broken arms.We will match up our puzzles, String them along like branches on a weeping willow.Blow bubbles at the bullets that carry rage.Sing like the melody. Howl at the moon.Trash the supermarkets that brought...
by memorizednost... ago
Maybe what you see are liesAnd maybe those are the reasons why

My heart falls like an upside down sunrise

Take care move on turn right

This heart wrench

You’ve turned it too tight

I feel closed in

This moment filled with maybe’s or might’s

And so you’ll find me breaking down the door

I want moreI want moreI need more

Oh, California you played with my hair

Told me a secret that I couldn’t shareMade me some dinner Tucked me into bedOh I wish I was In Louisiana again

Maybe what you see are lies

And maybe those are the reasons why

My heart falls...

by memorizednost... ago
Sadly, the Necklace hung itself around the Neck.