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megancarnes Released 7 hours ago

It begins with a tightness in your chest. Like your muscles and bones and organs are

all being pulled towards each other. Yet somehow you also feel hollow.

You become increasingly aware of your heartbeat, which is getting faster. It seems

that your tiny, pathetic lungs can’t get much air, so you are gasping, heaving, trying

desperately to inhale enough oxygen.

You know you need to lie down and you glance at the bed but instead opt for the

cool hardwood floor because, although you are shivering, your face is hot and you

can feel the sweat on the back of your neck. You feel like you need to go throw up or

punch something or hide somewhere where nobody could possibly walk in on you

like this, but you can’t, because your limbs are cardboard and your torso feels so, so,

heavy, like your ribs are made of metal and the floor is magnetic.

And worst of all is that feeling, the overwhelming sense of dread, the way you just

know that something is wrong. Everything is wrong. Maybe you actually are dying

this time. Or maybe this is a sign that you’re slowly losing your mind, that you will

soon lose the little bit of sanity you have left. You can see yourself now, lying on

clean white sheets, fighting against leather wrist restraints. You tell yourself that

isn’t going to happen, this is normal, your body just overdoes it with the stress

hormones a bit, but you can’t fight the feeling that you are truly broken.

You want to scream but no sound will come out. And you think, before this all

started, you had absolutely no idea how it felt to really be afraid.


1) What should I bring with me to a national park, and what should I leave at home?

2) What should I know about the wildlife?

3) Are there bears?

4) Why are there bears?

5) Are there...

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megancarnes Jun 16, 2015

Have you guys seen Koyaanisqatsi?

It's a really cool documentary, I'd highly recommend checking it out if you haven't seen it.

The thing I really...

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This is super old school. But we should do Words We're Wailing.

It's a great one for people to pick up on easily to sing along, we could get a whole bunch of singers on stage for...

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