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We’ve walked this road before, you and I.
The track so worn by our feet, it retaliates boring holes in my soul with every beat.

The fallen trees, sharp stones, and thorny trails come as no surprise,
yet potholes are easily plugged with lies.

We'd climb, ignoring the groans from strained muscles and cripling bonesAdmire the view and with hightened senses, basc in the morning dew, sit awhile and smell the roses too.

Drenched in blissful feeling.
love, we'd walk a little way and listen to the birdsong, as the sun dies for the day.

And when it rains, we huddle together like two beings tethered forever, against the cold and wet,
Clamber over our regret and things not done quite yet.
I cannot allow ifs or buts, these consequences are mine.  There'll be no tears, broken limbs or bloody cuts this time. No this time wont be the same.  Keep playing this game and we’ll be sundered and appointed blame.

Do one last thing for me, love let’s agree, that come first light of day, you release my hand and i walk away.
Kiss me one last time and leave give me time to rest and time to grieve.

leave me here and run, free from what i've become.
For with the sun and its first gleam, i begin my journey up stream.

When reading 'The road we've taken' by Vixie i imagined a man partning not from a lover but from an addiction. 

A kind of monologue or intimate goodbye to a thing or habit.  I've re-worked the text and imagine it as a free-verse/spoken word peferablely in a male Scottish accent with a Listener style vibe.  Lacking that i may try to record record it as audio myself soon.

Get out of my sight, you're casting a shadow on my life.


All or nothing, yet i'm stuck inbetween.

I never learned how to personify dreams.

illustration made from an old map and other pieces of scrap paper