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mcMUTE Released Oct 06, 2010
Held up in the midst of a lazy day
I can wander for miles
And I can do it sitting in place
Everything that has occurred
Every little incident
It has become soaked in everything else
The dripping wet walls of grand halls
They weren’t really built for kings and queens
They were built for overzealous souls confusing wants and needs

Wars waged pushing lives out of their rightful place
Religion, greed, revenge, and genocide
Hate can spread faster than a wildfire
And just the heat of the flames can destroy a life
As minds crumble and loose their will
The influence of others can save a soul
The influence of others can swallow one whole

Lives that have vanished without a trace
This may imply that everything they ever said, did, and dreamed
That it was all just a waste
But something must be left behind
Even a fragment of a thought
I swear it finds a way to leave even the most closed off mind

Minds can conjure up dreams through schematics and carefully crafted syntax
As the world is changed through a game played over the drawing board
Science brought so artfully to life
I’ve seen people lost in their phones
Hell, I’ve sat at my computer connected to the world
Feeling so disconnected I forget to check in
Loneliness can be a disease and the remedy has been lost in the wires
Diluted over generations

Decades pass and I loose track of who I used to be
I’ve experienced so much
But sometimes I feel like none of it happened
Memories can drift into the distance
And I look at them with doubt
Resisting the urge to let the scene envelope my senses
It’s everything and then some more
I have been around and my sense of wonder
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With the aid of the television’s glow
I laid waste to the day
Staring at the screen I watched the walls turn grey
Everything so silent
The wind stuck outside
I felt the world rewind...
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mcMUTE Oct 06, 2010
Twenty-six and I still carry angst that ranks with my teenage years
I remember thinking then about where I’d be now
Things looked different
Like I never imagined myself still living...
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mcMUTE Oct 06, 2010
Best of luck to the love no one wants
Meant to express the best intentions
It’s easy to make a bad impression
That’s why they call it a crush

Best of luck to the down and outs
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mcMUTE Oct 06, 2010

Music needs me
I mean I need music
The words can hurt
God how they sting
I need to feel the feel-good pain

Headphones on under an open sky
Everything is calm except for a passionate plea...
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