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mattyrobs1010 Released Oct 08, 2011

Aight, so im watching the rents pad for a few daze, which is cool because it gets me off the streets ive been sweeping, phsyically and metaphysically. Im gonna pour myself a big...

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mathimatics or somatics? I am sensitive by nature, but by nurture I speak my mind. my heart beats and asks me to define for it the time... simple concepts pressed like fine linens...

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my glass is almost empty, less then half. so i will refill it as I hit the number 7 and knock it down to size, L. all I see is all i feel and if i fell well hell, i might as well...

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so its like 1230am and my little bro just got back from his senior homecoming dance, who am i to deny them a place to kick it and party responicbly? much love. mattr

by mattyrobs1010 Oct 09, 2011

I have a pocketfool, a locketfool and a couple handfools FULL of LOVE. MUAH!!! I LOVE YOU ALL.

love? to me love is an ever changing moment of consciousness that allows us to evolve...

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On the other hand, love might be a simple solution to a very complex problem.

three years later, oaths and vows and what not... love is complex solution to a very simple problem

by mattyrobs1010 Oct 10, 2011

reposted from my blog earlier

Let it be known, that I don't stand for OR take sides on these matters, or on Matt R.. I get the details of both sides..cause there are always
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