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Aight, so im watching the rents pad for a few daze, which is cool because it gets me off the streets ive been sweeping, phsyically and metaphysically. Im gonna pour myself a big tumbler of gin and juice, make a holbrock (some kind of childish cod) fish sandwhich with tarter sauce I threw together from ingredients the refridgerator excomunicated.. and munch like theres no tomorrow. Instead of using fear tactics associated with tradegy, I am going to go back to my comedic roots and try to write something creative on my buddy, regular...

mathimatics or somatics? I am sensitive by nature, but by nurture I speak my mind. my heart beats and asks me to define for it the time... simple concepts pressed like fine linens in an outsourced sweatshop far from home.. i have a heart to call my own, why am I so far from home? some mention the corner stone, others get the reference.. I used to be called crazy, till the top politicans and scientist and think tankers started breaking down my words and double, triple, quadruple meanings.. quad the ruples, rupees, dollar signs..if...

my glass is almost empty, less then half. so i will refill it as I hit the number 7 and knock it down to size, L. all I see is all i feel and if i fell well hell, i might as well be teller to penns ego, ohh i didnt just drop that reference, nah im only kidding kidman married urban gave birth to twins uncertain but the mutant message down under was from forever. I love you both and support your family, but now im gonna go check out and dance with infinity... shes puuuurdy. oh, friend, and when im done... could you fill or...

so its like 1230am and my little bro just got back from his senior homecoming dance, who am i to deny them a place to kick it and party responicbly? much love. mattr

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I have a pocketfool, a locketfool and a couple handfools FULL of LOVE. MUAH!!! I LOVE YOU ALL.

love? to me love is an ever changing moment of consciousness that allows us to evolve based on a liner time table, its platform was a sun dial. It is that ever changing moment the defines fate and destiny and allows it to grow and change with us and our emotions, continuum infinitus.. Love is the bi product of and emotional chemical reaction where the transmitters in our brain send a signal to a receptor and it connects or gets bounced on and...

On the other hand, love might be a simple solution to a very complex problem.

three years later, oaths and vows and what not... love is complex solution to a very simple problem

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Let it be known, that I don't stand for OR take sides on these matters, or on Matt R.. I get the details of both sides..cause there are always usually two sides to a story, a government..a revolution. But i don't take sides, I get the details and the de-side. So is victory an option, or a choice? And at what cost? How many people have to die for one side to say they won, when a few years later there where will more body bags and the other side says, now we win.. its fucking bullshit. to me at