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First crack at doing a VO for Joe's prologue. I tried out quite a few different voices, and this is the one that seemed best to those who were good enough to give me feedback. Hopefully this will also help build some more momentum for this wonderful collaboration. As always, I'm very happy to have another go if this isn't quite capturing the spirit of the thing. 

EDIT (March 4, 2012): Looks like Joe's 'Prologue' started life as 'Shadowplay: A Prologue' and 'Shadowplay: A novel in chapters' by flockofwords. Huge apologies to her for not doing my homework properly, and congrats on an amazing, wonderful story. Props are also due to Soupy and Attilee and everyone else who's been working away on this project for months!


Another test for Ravens. This time I rotoscoped a section of bluebudgie's oxford-london timelapse (also seen in Wirrow's 'And a New Earth' collab) to give marcellepallais' performance some movement and context.

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Wirrow's wonderful words willfully awoken once more.

(Happy to have another go - just let me know.)

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I thought Brandon's new story was really evocative (and I've been jonesing to do some new voice work) so here goes. Wrong voice, accent, etc, but might be useful as a starting point for some creative responses to his writing.

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I created the visuals for Bullfought earlier this year, after finding a reel of Super 8 from the 1960s in a thrift store. I transferred it to 16mm, did some hand-tinting, and scratched out all the strutting matadors frame by frame. This morning I came across reneg88's gorgeous musical compositions and was struck by how well one of his newest pieces worked with my (silent) film. As the last few frames show, sometimes the downtrodden have their moment of revenge, however fleeting it might seem. Dedicated to #Occupy, FWIW, FTW.

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Hi folks, so exciting to see all the creativity going on around the TV show collab.

Here's an idea for a narrator/VO character, based very loosely on the hungry ghost idea, which I've translated into: The Phantom Narrator. I've made him slightly haughty, sardonic, BBC-retro, and vaguely anti-consumerist. And silly too.

It's just a scratch recording at this stage, so any ideas for development, adjustment, rewrites, etc, just let me know.

Yay us!

M xoxo


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I think Sam Wade's writing here is just fantastic: vivid, creepy, inventive. Couldn't resist, though maybe I should have. I'm trying for a kind of split personality - a somewhat rational, selfish husband vs a self-pitying obsessed (dead) husband. Just a starting point. Go team!

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Loved the story. Definitely aiming for the silly side on this one. Fun!

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Doe, dear Doe.

Ray me, please.

Far, so far from here.

To LA, after tea.

Doe, dear Doe.

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OK, I'm dangerously out of my depth here, but I decided to try combining my VO for Brennan's poem The Dance with Chris Hyson's lovely Button Eyes piano piece. Seems to work.

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My first attempt at performing 'Alphabet'. Let me know. ps Thanks to MattConley for pointing it out in the first place.

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I love the fake histories idea and thought it might be fun to do an audio recording of themetafictionist's Balance Beam story so it can be remixed for an animation, motion graphics piece, video, etc. Happy to do it again in a different tone/accent.
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My son Max's first ever HitRECord.

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