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First crack at doing a VO for Joe's prologue. I tried out quite a few different voices, and this is the one that seemed best to those who were good enough to give me feedback. Hopefully this will also help build some more momentum for this wonderful collaboration. As always, I'm very happy to have another go if this isn't quite capturing the spirit of the thing. 

EDIT (March 4, 2012): Looks like Joe's 'Prologue' started life as 'Shadowplay: A Prologue' and 'Shadowplay: A novel in chapters' by flockofwords. Huge apologies to her for not doing my homework properly, and congrats on an amazing, wonderful story. Props are also due to Soupy and Attilee and everyone else who's been working away on this project for months!

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Doe, dear Doe.

Ray me, please.

Far, so far from here.

To LA, after tea.

Doe, dear Doe.