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Some say the only thing we've really got

Is that this world's a lovely spot

To watch it all rot, to watch it all

Rot before our lonely eyes

Turn into what we all despise

But eyes are never lonely and you ought

To know that a pair is better than one

'Cause two helping hands can catch me when I fall

Under that thumb

Under that thumb

Cause you are my brother and my friend

And you are my sister to the end


Brave your war

And brave your men will be

No need to look behind

To know they're following

But let 'em die, don't let 'em speak

Let the wicked, not the meek

Inherit this earth

Let 'em bend until they break

Let them fall upon that stake

And find out what they're worth

And you'll find

They're worth more than you

You'll find

They're worth more than you

So be brave

So be brave


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