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pieces to the pie.



pieces to the pie.

Shot on a SONY

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pieces to the pie.

Shot on a SONY

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Hey guys.

I've been away, but I've been checking in on all the great work this site's been doing, regularily. It's all really good. The show, what I have seen of it, was also OH SO FANTASTIC!

My name is Marcelle. 

I am an actor, editor, budding filmmaker and writer(in that order). I would love to use my HR SONY camera for this challenge. I also have a substantial catalogue of public domain footage of any subject. For EXAMPLE: My EYES collection alone is about 80+ articles. 

I've been checking in and not really knowing where to start and I saw someone else posting this in my feed and decided this might work for some inspiration.


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8mm app

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Don't know when I filmed this, I think it was on my phone??? I just found it randomly on my computer and thought it might be a useful thing for whatever...



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mashed sound

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I'm not in the right state of mind to do this right now.

You're not in the right state of mind?

Yeah I'm not in the right state of mind. My mind is. Well. It's…

Your mind. It's… tired?

No. I am tired. I'm very tired. But my mind, is like it's going every different direction.

That doesn't sound like anything I'd like to experience.

Probably right.

Probably right?

Yeah, unless you know. You like that sort of thing.

Do you..

Do I what? Do i like this? Do I like this? yeah. Maybe. But then if I have to define it. I don't like it. Because i feel othered.

You feel othered? Other than what?

Other than you. Other than my parents. Other than my friends. Stop asking questions. We all have so many questions. NO body sits, no body takes time to fill in the answers for anyone. So what's the point? Imagine, Imagine all the people there have been. All the questions they have had. The very same questions they have had. And nobody took a minute to write down any of the answers, any of the important answers.

I'm not following you.

You don't have to.

Okay. Then what are we talking about. Do you want to leave?

No. Leave? And go where?

I don't know. I guess we could go anywhere. Or we could go home.

So we could go anywhere and you'd chose to be home?


Literally, you just said we could go anywhere and out of all the possibilities you would just go to the same place you always go, every day?

Tonight, I guess. There's Valley City. It's only 45 miles away. It's got that pretty lake.


You want to go to Valley City?


I don't know if I want to go all the way to Valley City. I'm kind of tired.

You want to go home?

I mean, not right now.

Then when?

I don't know like, when we finish this conversation.

I thought we were finished.

Well you were talking about answers, to questions. What kind of questions?

Everyday, usual questions. Like just basic stuff.

I bet there are answers. I could just look them up on my phone.

You can't look up these answers on your phone.

Why not?

Because they aren't searchable.

Everything is searchable. Come on. Ask me. I'll ask my phone.

That technology is making you dumber.

Actually its called a smart phone for a reason.

That's because it's smarter than you!

That's true I guess. But i have feelings.

You think those are worth anything? Anything at all?

Of course. I feel a bunch of different things, all the time I feel them.

Like what?

Well. I love you.

Oh great.

You don't love me?


You don't love me?

Of course I do. It's just I don't feel love every minute of every day. Just because I love some people doesn't mean that feeling is surrounding me all day. Any feeling comparable to when I look at someone and like I really know that I feel that way about them. Those moments when you just look at someone and enjoy them and know you in that perfect moment you love them. But then it goes away.

That's nice.

What do you mean that's nice?

I like the way you put it.

It's nice to have love go away?

No. I mean, that is how it is. Love. I love you, I mean I know that I do. But I don't love you right now.

okay. why?

Just because... you don't love me right now.

Thats fair.

Good. I was hoping you wouldn't disagree with me again.

You want to go home?

Yeah. I want to get into my bed and close my eyes and sleep forever.

That does sound appealing.

I know.

I love you.

I know.

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for remixing purposes

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Favorite things.


Shot on SONY

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