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Dear Hucky,

You are my best friend. We'd go fishing, hunting, we'd tell stories and we'd drink (at least before my bad liver and your trick back) till we saw stars in the daylight. You confided in me. You told me you were scared of the dark and I listened and was there for you. But then when you were home by yourself, I would sneak on over to your fuse box and disconnect the whole thing! You'd start crying and I'd just hoot all the way back home. It brought me supreme joy for many years. I know you thought it was ghosts, but it wasn't. It was me. And I actually kind of feel bad. Don't be mad at me, or else I'll come back as a ghost and really freak you out.

Your Friend,

Henry Adam Wood

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Dear Rosie Lopez,

Miss Rosie, you worked for me from April the 12th 2003 to June 10th 2005. And in that time I never spoke a word to you. You would clean around me, say "gracias"...

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Dear Major Jeffries,

As I lay here, on my death bed, I am filled with memories of my time in your command. You may have thought I questioned your post, but we both came out alive,...

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Dear Rebecca (Hill) Masterson,

I am sorry to tell you dearest Rebecca that I have reached my final days. I am sitting on my bed now, my feet chilled and my skin dry, I haven't had a...

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Dear Sister Cathleen,

I am sorry to inform you that I am dying. News of my illness has brought upon much sadness amongst my friends and my acquaintances are full of remorse for not...

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INT. THOMAS' APARTMENT -The apartment is designed well, but is disheveled.

Thomas, a man about 30/40 years old, messy hair, nice build in a relaxed dress at home, works on his...

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Fantasy/ Intro:



Location: Fargo North Dakota and parts of Minnesota to lake country. 

Bio: I am a plus model and Nyu acting graduate. I am a writer and an...

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