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Night Light
m00njumper Released Oct 08, 2014

Hug me close

I’ll warm you up

I’ll hum softly in your ear 

                        It’s okay, it’s okay

                        I’m with you right here

I’ll make the darkness go away

Or at the very least, I’ll try

Allow me to catch your tears

Give your eyes a chance to dry

Clutch me hard

Claw me apart

                        Go on

                        I can take it

Let it all out

I double dog dare you

It’s the only way your heart will make it

My light will be your blanket tonight

Sweet dreams, my precious love

If you startle awake, frightened or scared,

I’ll be here to hug

Close your eyes

Slow your breathing

Let the stars take you away

I’ll be here tomorrow morning

I promise

For you, I’ll always stay

Inspired by "Asleep in the moon" by LineDreamer  

m00njumper Sep 06, 2014

A chorus of people going "Shhh" with their fingers to their lips which is then remixed into a beat (maybe in the style of the RE: Trash intro or even in the Haus of Glitch song?). ...

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