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no audio. remix file has all the photos if you want to tinker with the timing (double upload...oOooOoOOh!!) 


AUDIO - You Didn't Hear It From Me (Telephone Song) [ibkellymorris]

          + IMAGE - The Office Cat [Nattie]

AUDIO - Adieu for Solo Piano (Improvised) [joerud]

           + IMAGE - OPENING TITLES - Man in the Herringbone Hat [12.42]

AUDIO - Nebulullaby (Haus of Glitch Mix) 1.0 [Haus_of_Glitch]

           + IMAGE - we are always the same age [Monika Dekowska]


The very cool song For the Ghosts, From Wirrow [the rising 7] is my transition music in this video. Be sure to check that out as well :)

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4 days. 22 colors. 130 post-its.

If you haven't subscribed to jenyffer.maria you should.  I've been a fan of hers since seeing her artwork in the MMM films so you should definitely check her stuff out. Also I have the hitRECord shirt she designed ^_^

After I finished this project, I was a bit worried about the bright colors taking away from the dark subject matter, but my dad and brother think the colors actually make the illustration more disturbing. I'm curious to hear what you think. 

I didn't notice the bow on her dress curl down like that until now, but I kinda like it <3

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A chorus of people going "Shhh" with their fingers to their lips which is then remixed into a beat (maybe in the style of the RE: Trash intro or even in the Haus of Glitch song?).  Maybe work some of the secrets from tdolan's collab in there as lines or verses? Could work as an interstitial as well.

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The flowers you bought

came to our house instead.


7 days. 14 colors. 275 post-its.

My friend Kristina assisted me in making this project! I usually consult with her on most of my projects (what illustrations I should do next, colors, size, etc.), but this is the first time she has helped me (cutting & gluing) since our music video Somewhere in Brooklyn ^_^

This story and illustration was found in The Tiny Book of Tiny Stories Volume 3! Be sure to check out cacheth's original illustration resourced below! 



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My uncle said, "It doesn't matter what grades you get. At graduation, everyone receives the same piece of paper."

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Definition: For an Asian student, any grade received that is less than A is considered "The Asian Fail." 

This terms stems from the stereotype of Asians being incredibly smart in school especially at math or science. It also stems from the stereotype of having strict Asian parents who are not impressed when their child brings home a grade that is less than an A. They supposedly disown the child. 

This term was tossed around a lot and used jokingly during my time in high school. It was uncomfortable at times. It was funny during other times. It was okay when Asians used the term, but racist when others used it.

I don't know where I'm going with this, but I was just wondering if you have ever heard the term of "The Asian Fail" and if you ever used it to describe yourself or others? What other racial stereotypes are there when it comes to grades?

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- I originally wrote this as a text RECord, but decided to film myself too. The original text is written below.

- After I finished editing the video, I noticed mrfelixding had the same idea! Check out his text too (resourced below).

- This is my 300th RECord ^_^


I'm about to sound like a crazy person so bear with me.

"Hella" is a Bay Area slang term that is used to replace

- "a lot of" (ex: There are hella cameras in the audience right now.)

- "totally, really" (ex: He hella likes her.)

- "very" (ex: That short film was hella good.) 

          "Hella" is flexible, but it's usually used to modify another word. I grew up using the word. In elementary school, I'd use the word "hecka" instead of "hella" so I wouldn't get in trouble. "Mrs. Wilson gave us hecka homework." If "hecka" is the training wheels to "hella."  My brother used the word, my cousins, my friends, and all my peers at school or at church ("Man, that homily was hella long, but it was hella meaningful though")."Hella" was used in local Bay Area rap music. It was part of my everyday vocabulary growing up and it still is.

          Since moving to college, two things have happened: 1) People would kind of look at me funny if I used the word. They'd think it was stupid. 2) They would use the word incorrectly. The latter pissed me off more. Recently noticed that people on social media, mainly tumblr, would use the word incorrectly. For example, let's say there was a photo of a cute guy. Someone would caption it, "Oh my god, he's hella." I would respond, "Hella what? Hella cute? Hella smart? Hella fine? Hella WHAT?" But no. They just left it dangling there and I got so mad. Instead of ripping them a new one on their blog, I did what a normal and calm person did: I ranted about it on facebook.  I wrote, "If you're going to use "hella," use it correctly. You can't just look at a guy and say, "OMG he's hella." HELLA WHAT? HELLA WHAAAAAT????? #icant" Over thirty people liked that status and you know who those people were? Old childhood friends and former classmates.  I think I got so mad about the misuse of the word because it was a word that I grew up with. I know how it functions. I know how to use it properly in a sentence. If you're going to use it, then I expect you to use it properly too. If not, just come off as ignorant to me.

         This can be said about a lot of words in today's culture and vocabulary.  Misappropriation of certain words have the potential to piss a lot of people off. With language in general, you have to be careful. With slang pertaining to a certain culture or lifestyle, you have to be careful like hella careful. 


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seldelaterre started "The Cutting Edge" collab way back when (jk, she started it in January 2013, but that feels like really long ago) based on her text "The Cutting Edge." She writes about this product called Dreamshare where you "Drink down a packet of nanos dissolved into water, put the specs on, and dream your way to hours of entertainment and experimentation." The collab produced some amazing text, video, image, and audio including frauelein's super amazing short film "Molly" which stars tdolan and is based on Kandis22 original text.

Bottom line: The Cutting Edge explores the dark side and potential commercialization of dreams in a sci-fi/fantasy kind of way. We should use it. You know you want to. Free your mind with Dreamshare.

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talkin' about junior prom, senior prom, and my outfit for senior prom.

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Could be useful for backgrounds, textures, or remixing.

so many colors *__*

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350 post-its. 33 colors. 4 glue sticks. 2 weeks.

I am incredibly proud of this piece like crazyinsanejumpingupanddownstoopid proud of this piece.

(The rays are so straight, it makes me want to cry.)

Consider this my vote for a new hevn reboot.


download for bigger size and better quality ^_^

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