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It was a bit tricky deciding what to make you, so I thought I'd make you a mini post-it portrait :D I didn't want to leave you blank faced, so I thought I'd give you the feeeeels. (I added some instagram filters to enhance that look.)

I like to imagine this is what your face looks like when people play along or when you see people remix your stuff or you hear an incredible audio RECord and you're just like "Holy shit..." with a small little grin on your face. I certainly get the feels when I listen to good music on the site and your music is no exception.

Mollie was the first song of yours that I listened to and dude. Duuuuuuude. So freakin' good. THEN you go on and make some awesome post-it poetry and you already know how I feel about post-its, but your writing?? WHAT. I definitely looked forward to reading yours during that post-it poetry month. My favorite one is the one you wrote about Evyn kissing you through the window. Such a good line.

You are an incredible musician and artist, TheLastDomino, and you looked preeetty badass in the Veil Of the Night photos with your top hat and tambourine. I'm thrilled that you are hosting Play Along too :D

Hopefully this mini portrait makes you smile. I just wanted to make you something silly.

Keep on RECording, TheLastDomino. Again by heart.

From your Secret Santa,


P.S. I can mail this to you if you want. Just message me on Facebook. 

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Hug me close

I’ll warm you up

I’ll hum softly in your ear 

                        It’s okay, it’s okay

                        I’m with you right here

I’ll make the darkness go away


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