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Merry Christmas everybody!!

280 post-its.

5 colors. 

I underestimated the difficulty of this one, but it worked out in the end. Video will come after Christmas. 

EDIT: Video is up in the results section


350 post-its. 33 colors. 4 glue sticks. 2 weeks.

I am incredibly proud of this piece like crazyinsanejumpingupanddownstoopid proud of this piece.

(The rays are so straight, it makes me want to cry.)

Consider this my vote for a new hevn reboot.


download for bigger size and better quality ^_^

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- There are credits at the end of this video because this project is doubling as my final project for a film class. We have to make a 3-5 min video (documentary, narrative, experimental, etc.) and the first idea that came to mind was Patterns & Prayers. Before I could go ahead with this project, I had to ask permission from my professor and TA. I explained what hitRECord was, the collaboration process, and how uploading my final project to the site would be easier to credit video, audio, and image resources rather than uploading it to vimeo or YouTube. They OK'd it. There are credits at the end so they understand that none of this footage, images, and audio is mine. I purely edited.

- MattConley is credited as the audio resource because I stripped the audio from his Live Cut (also resourced below).

- I've always loved Joe's poem and this live performance. If you haven't seen his original performance of this poem, you should.

- *cough*hitrecordontvhalloweenspecial*cough*

Hope you enjoy <3

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I always hesitate when it comes to answering this question. Maybe you can answer it?

Answer the question above with a word, phrase, or a sentence.

The answer could range from "a foot long meatball marinara sub with lettuce and mustard on whole wheat" to "Summer, 1984."

Tell me what you want. I'll write your answer on one of my post-it notes and take another photograph. 

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Merry Christmas everybody! 

Colored characters are from their respective tiny book covers. 

Photo found here [x

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