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Vocals begin at 0:38




I waited for the night to end

So I could go collecting stars and hold 'em in my never ending hands

I hold 'em close and call them friends

And every night when summer fades they return to the sky against my plans


Collecting stars (x2)


Now I am not a captain but I sail into the sky upon my bed

And holding out my hand I beckon all the stars to follow me instead

In my arms they'll fall asleep and light up every city, sky, and park

And traveling from town to town I light the lives of those who live in dark


Collecting Stars (x2)


Stems in results.


I searched long and hard to find something to fill in the space of this song and finally came accross this great voice over by honeysaeb.  Her VO seems to work with Joe's melodic lyrics like two lovers trying to make sense of a failing  relationship.  I also added some further instrumentation at the end to fill it out. Enjoy!


Organ, electric piano, vocals, lyrics, percussion, brass, strings: JoeRud

Voice Over: Honeysaeb

Production, guitars, bass, clarinet, sound effects, percussion, piano, backing vox: me




So I'm stuck at work again,

While you're saving my seat by the aisle,

And I know I said it was a slow day,

But what do you want me to do?


We'll work it all out. I promise we'lll talk about it.

We'll work it all out. Trust me on this.



I've been thinking about calling you lately.

But I don't know what I would say.

We went through so much together.

We walked down an aisle together.

But that was quite a while ago.

Maybe I would just ask, who really left who?



We'll work it all out.  I promise we'lll talk about it.

We'll work it all out.  Trust me on this.



Anyway, wish the best with a hug and kiss.

Simple truth is love just goes this way sometimes,

flat out swing and miss.

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Revisited this great song and transformed it with contributions from a number of existing records and collaborations.  95% of this song is recycled records, I kept my input very minimal.


Beats: theboxsets, Ryan Patrick, jdavidson, me

Main Vocals: riana6

BG Vox: Ola Szmidt

Bass: Noiseball

Guitar: Robo_J, me

Synth: Bell

Violin: SpectrumCJ


Let me know what you think.

120bpm. Stems available if requested.

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I've been toying with this beautiful track from Rob Lanyon for a few months and finally committed myself to "finishing" it this weekend.  I was hesitant to play a traditional guitar solo, but I think the nervous guitar bursts work.  What do you think?

Also, there are a few timing shifts in a few points so I tried my best to hide them.  Enjoy.


Acoustic guitar and main vocals: Rob Lanyon

Electric guitar, piano, drums, harmony vox: Me

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In my busy life, the end of the day is my favorite thing.

Filmed throughout the process of one day via my iphone.

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I amped up the guitars by complete accident and instantly fell in love with this new mix.  The heavier guitars bring out a lot more energy.

Lyrics, original melody and vocals: Melisamayhem

Lead Vocals: Ashes2Ashes

Backup/Harmony: Babbish

Music and backup: me

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I tried to keep it sexy while letting Kelly steal the show. My additions begin around 0:45.  My favorite part is at 1:36.

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You - I saw you in a photograph

And you, you were happy

A smile you could coreograph

I saw it in a photograph

But I'm counting on the season to get it right


In you I saw a flickering of light

And you didn't know me

But I saw the future in your eyes

The element of sweet surprise

Now I'm counting on the season to make you love me


I opened my heart in a letter

I put it in a Christmas card (x2)

Then I sat alone and I read it

I never sent it further on

I couldn't send your Christmas card

So I'm counting on the season to find the strength


I put it in a Christmas card (repeated out)


Stems Coming Soon

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I would love to hear somebody try a new melody with this song.  Here's the breakdown as I hear it:

Verse1 - 0:20

Chorus -1:18

Instrumental - 1:42

Verse 2 - 2:01

Chorus 2 - 2:39

Instrumental - 3:25

Final Verse/Outro - 3:44

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A friend at work creates sci-fi sculptures out of other people's trash.  This is a quick interstitial-length look at his work. One man's trash is another man's . . . cyborg.

Thanks to MadisenMusic and Spaceship for the perfect music.

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Thought this might be a hood fit for the secrets collab.  It's pretty dark, moody, and elusive.


Called out in the summer time

Called out to a friend of mine

I speak of nothing that I've seen

Small talk and a history

Strange words and a mystery

I speak of nowhere that I've been

Dark car and a leather seat

Your eyes are fixed on me

I'll make it quick and I'll be gone

I'm not a bad man

I'm just caught in a bad plan

I never meant to do no wrong

But here I go again

This makes for number ten

The urge inside is way too strong


Take two and we're back again

Same place with another friend

My invitation wearing thin

A few more and I'll be gone

Turn your head and move along

You won't forget where I have been

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A personal song about trying to break patterns.

Would love to get some real drums in the mix; all I had available at the time was the terrible keyboard drums you hear at the end of this song.  



For You,

You know I’d do anything

I’d give into religion or turn away from God

To be with you forever is the only thing I want

But here I go again, I’m gonna turn out like my father

Tired and old and telling you again that I’m sorry

Sorry for the way you feel

Sorry for the way I still love you

You’re free to leave at any time

But if you leave this heart of mine, darling

I’m gonna follow you down


I know I made a big mistake

But letting go should never taste bitter

But bitter’s all that’s been on my tongue since the morning

But if you give me half a chance, I’ll impress you

I’ll smile at you when I get home

Instead of only when I undress you

I can be a better man and give you what you need to be whole

I’ll do everything that I can to occupy your heart and your soul

And I’ll follow you down

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JoeRud: lyrics, melody, harp, guitar, main vox, harmonica, celesta, strings

Bubbabuster: backup vox

Me: drums, tambourine, handclaps, piano, organ, upright bass, falsetto harmony vox, mix

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