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by jared

sitting in the middle of Yoko Ono's art installation 'play by trust' — one of my favorite's of hers.


This is a video of me drawing a large (18x24") mandala -esque pattern.

If you aren't familiar with what a mandala is, here is the wikipedia link.

This drawing took me almost 30 hours, and here is a high-res scan of it.



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Here's a tiny story for your very hungry and cute monster, littledot

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ANYONE W/ A CAMERA & VO ARTISTS: RECord yourself answering this question: Are we human beings like The Pando Forest or The Honey Mushroom? - or do a readingof THIS SCRIPTCONTRIBUTE HERE


Thanks again <3



REGULARITY CREDITS Writer and Director: RegularJOE Editors: Dr. Gory, RebeccaxRae, Trinoserous, rockieS Producer: Newsboymedia Camera: Newsboymedia Production Assistant: ohhaimarc Graphics: Marke, acb


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winter for me is all about nice warm socks. 


also knee high socks for girls would be great canvases too!

by wirrow
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I've been working on this for another project with tumblr, but I realized it could make a good sky for falling if someone wanted to animate (or combine it with an existing animation of) someone falling through it.

If anyone's interested I can upload a zipped PSD with the layers to make the stars and snow move.
by Marke
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CALLING ALL ILLUSTRATORS! We're working with Zucherman, who will be the Resident Animator of "Adieu," and we've got a really unique request for Illustrators to trace over some images so we can identify members of the community to do frame-by-frame tracing for this Short Film for our TV Show. CONTRIBUTE HERE


ILLUSTRATORS: Trace over ONE OF THESE IMAGES & contribute your illustration to the collaboration. This can be any illustrative style you'd like, but it should be relatively simple & a style that could be easily replicated dozens & dozens of times - WATCH ANIMATED "LOOPER" TRAILER HERE as a reference.


NOTE: The deadline for this request is MONDAY 9/9. Please be aware that there will be a time commitment involved once picture is locked on this Short Film. The next stage of this production will be to divide up the frames of the Cut & assign a manageable amount of frames to particular members of the community to trace frame-by-frame.


I'm really excited to see what you come up with for this!

Thanks again <3


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Cut the original down to 15 seconds. Hopefully it can be used! (: 

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I've been singing this all day, so I thought I would give it a shot! ^_^ <3

Download for better quality. xx

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Please download and watch a larger version


Concept & Director: tdolan

Actors: MargauxArmour, JoeRud, Lizsmalls

Cinematography: thesherbethead

Music: AmandaPalmer

Editor: tori

Assistant Editor: tdolan

And an extra special thanks to missamerica for letting us use her GoPro, and Eldredd for the use of his delightful camera!

by tdolan
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I flipped the illustration and brought it together with the text in a way that I enjoy, but main creative cred goes to Emma Conner for her tiny story text and littledot for her awesomely cute illustration.

What do you think?

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