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The video above is kind of short and general so please read this also:

I thought of making a collection of short stories / descriptions and illustrations about different kinds of monsters and creatures that live in our world but we're not able to see. The main angle that I though of, is to make every monster unique in a way that in its existence, every monster will reflect something about our reality (something that sometimes we're not able to see), every creature / character in the book will have its own purpose and a way of living, and could represent an emotion, a way of thinking or an idea of some sorts.

But that's just my take!

So EVERYONE, If you have an idea how to develop the guidebook please RECord yourself presenting it!

WRITERS, if you have an idea for a monster, please write it in any form or way that you want to!

if you see an illustration of a monster on the site that you find inspiring (there are SO many) and want to write its description, please write it!

ILLUSTRATORS, if you have an idea about how a monster could look like, or just feel like illustrating funny / weird / cool / whatever creatures, please do that!

I you see a piece of writing that inspires you to illustrate a monster, please contribute!

GRAPHIC DESIGNERS, if you have an idea of how the book could look like graphically (how will the descriptions and the illustrations be presented, the general atmosphere of the design etc.), please contribute a graphic design!

If you have an idea about how the cover could look like, please contribute!

ANIMATORS, PHOTOGRAPHERS, CINEMATOGRAPHERS, ACTORS and MUSICIANS (?!?) If you find this idea inspiring and can think of a way to develop it in any of these directions please contribute you ideas!

That's it, I know that there have been many monster collabs in the past, but I hope that we could create something new & special together. And I hope that in the end we could edit it and print it :D

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