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This isn't really what I had in mind when I was first inspired to play with this piece.  But I was somehow pulled in this direction, and since it felt like it was cooking, I took advantage of the opportunity to just have fun with it...As much as it's kinda unexpected dress in which to drape such a dark lyric.  


The ideas are pretty well formed, but it's by no means "done".  Like, it feels "over" before it should be, IMO...Despite the long ambient section at the end.


I'm putting it out today because I'm not sure I'll be able to spend more time with it in the next few days, and I might forget to otherwise : )  So yeah:  Feel free to add new sections, parts, or arrange the parts I've created differently.


I'll be putting up stems shortly.  Everything has been conformed to a consistent tempo, and even the non-drum part at the end is at tempo should you care to use it, so it should offer lots of possibilities.