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by lidan

Testing part of an idea wirrow and I had for a collab about scanning stuff you find around cities you live in/visit, based on the pocket autopsy collab and our personal boxes of treasure. Some of the things could be found anywhere, some are distinctly that city.


this junk I gathered/found/bought in London between 26/12/11 & 04/01/12

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Forget your tiny stories! It's time for some HOT HOT NOOKIE!


[Day Glo provided the vox for the dude. Also, he told me to do this.]

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I made this flash animation using images of Seattle found here for the RE:Cities collaboration.

I taught myself how to do this today (thanks to some jiggery pokery with photoshop, illustrator, and flash) so it's still rough because I'm not very good with making videos yet, but if someone wants to remix this to make it nicer that would be excellent. Especially the music track because it kind of ends on a strange note. And the transitions are a bit weird.

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[i tried lining up the objects this time instead of randomly throwing them on my scanner. I kinda like how it turned out!]


Video to come soon.

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So here is the first six months of my 365 project this year! It is 1 second of video taken every day and then smashed together to create this mess. There is a lot of footage of my cats and me driving because those are my two primary hobbies.

Anyway, I present to you 6 months of my life compressed into a 3 minute and 3 second video readily available for your viewing pleasure.


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