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This could look at the mind, both material and immaterial, and outside influences on it.

There's also the idea of labelling, particularly people with mental illness + stigmas, but lobes of the brain too. (ie the creative right side, and the logical left side.)

Morality, phycology, manipulation, subliminally, like in advertising and government enforced, (if anyones read a clockwork orange, this might make more sense), free will.

Mental health, hospitals, treatments, crime, The unconsious mind, the collective unconsious, theories, thoughts (electricity), semiotics (colour theory i.e red +=power,) symbology, memory, identity.

-There's also the brain itself, a unique organ, which cannot be transplanted, and is the most complex entity in the known universe (a brainy science guy told me this, and i believe him)

we could look at trying to explain it, but also look at what we have done to it, ourselves and to each other, like physically through surgery and mind altering drugs (legal and illegal - inc. presciption drugs but also our obsession with painkillers and numbing / trying to cure everything) and whether these are good or bad things, but also unavoidable alterations such as the way we are with each other, upbringing, illness, mental and physical. nature vs. nurture.

 Theres the bloody gory side to the brain, and the clinical scientific side, with lots of science/ math imagery potential, and head imagery, which can symbolise stuff and maby altering these perceptions. Oh and theres the eyes, which are like windows to the mind maby.

ok this is a lot of badly written rambling, hope the idea comes across, it's just such a vast topic I think. It'd be a lot of thinking outside the box maby, plus I think brains are cool right now :)

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by lemon ago
by lemon ago

"Hey wait don't hang up yet!

It's just last time you didn't say goodbye, thats all,

Oh, okay.

Erm, I just thought we could talk a little longer, 'cause theres-


Oh, well, if its import-

Yea, sure, well-

Okay, bye

I love y-


One side of a phone conversation, I started out with both sides then thought it was more interesting with the other person cut out of it

by lemon ago
by lemon ago
by lemon ago
Come to me.

Consume me.

(as i consume your mind)

This is what you want, it's what you've always wanted,

and now I am giving you everything.

Don't run.

I'm offering you the world for no price at all, my body to do as you will, to comfort and serve you, to nurse your young, to entertain.

You need never be alone when you look into my minds eye, forget all your worries and perils, stare into me.

(Feed off my static)

You need feel no guilt. I do not suffer, I am willing.

Do no be afraid.

and as you consume me, I shall consume your mind, but fear...

by lemon ago