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Bad habit: I relate to the the Muzak! Mostly in Trader Joe's or the market. I hear it, I even comment on it, offer my analysis to any(no)one... not that I like it, how can you LIKE that vanilla calmifying crapola? In fact, you probably don't even hear it at all. Might not even be aware of its existence. And yet, here I am, hummin along! Oh, I admit it: sometimes I even (aarrgghh) harmonize to it! Imagine singing along to the Muzak? Quite embarrassing. How do I stop????

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left-coast-jane Released Jul 27, 2014

the french speaking people have already made the exact same corrections I'd have made. I personally prefer it to remain a bit foreign sounding, with JoeRud's adorable brit accent,...

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This is my revised version of prior RECord.

Perrault published “Le Petit Chaperon Rouge” back in 1697.

OH? Chaperon? Interesting how we use that now.
Defender of the young woman,...
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Perrault wrote “Le Petit Chaperon Rouge” back in 1670ish.
OH? Chaperon? Interesting how we use that now.
Defender of the young woman, from the thing all men know all men want from...
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"Mommy, who's stronger, daddies or mommies?"

(me: ulp)

"Well, I guess men's outside muscles are stronger, and women's inside muscles are stronger."

(them: satisfied nod)

The Noondays have always known they are THE best caste of shadow… strong, assertive, basking in the mid-day glory of their sun-god’s favor. Yes, there may be contenders, and...
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(Ode to "owls & vines" by elayne)

Oh owl with scowl

fine fowl of mine

sits on a vine

so soft of jowl

neath feathered cowl

each line of thine

ethereal design

thirteen align


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A man from the army knocked on our door. He told us "Your daddy died serving his Country". I didn’t know how to feel. Proud because my father died doing something good? What if he...
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We the wretched ones bog down in awe of the Venus Who Skips blithely above the sucking sands.

Tiny story to embroider Venn's Monolith image