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Bridal Tree
left-coast-jane Released ago
This tree in the middle of Manhattan has blossoms not just in its branch-tops like most springtime trees, but all up and down the trunk and every single branch! I've never seen such a thing before. It looked like a bridal tree!
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To dear Wirrow and all, I loved this so much, I wanted to write down the words. Some phrases that jumped out at me I wanted to ponder and remember. I thought maybe other hitrecorders would like them too, so I did it, hope it's ok with you. FYI, I fixed two (what I call) typos, putting the "L" back in (l)ivestock, and removing the apostrophe from "its" as in belonging to it, not contraction of "it is." (sorry, once an editor, always an editor!) So, finally, here it is:

and a new earth


Ladies and gentlemen,

the world is...

(Ode to "owls & vines" by elayne)

Oh owl with scowl

fine fowl of mine

sits on a vine

so soft of jowl

neath feathered cowl

each line of thine

ethereal design

thirteen align

ne'er whine nor howl

but hoot and scowl

so like an owl

on vine

The Noondays have always known they are THE best caste of shadow… strong, assertive, basking in the mid-day glory of their sun-god’s favor. Yes, there may be contenders, and perhaps some might find a glimmer of interest in the ghostly gloams or the wavery liquidicious longrays … but how can those compare to the solidity, the no-nonsense oomph-ness of us Noondays? they crow with pleasure to one another, and anyone else who cares to heed.

So then, who is this one, this husky healthy little Noonday who, having long listened to her...

"Mommy, who's stronger, daddies or mommies?"

(me: ulp)

"Well, I guess men's outside muscles are stronger, and women's inside muscles are stronger."

(them: satisfied nod)