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is love a two way street or can true love honestly be mono-directional?

can true love exist only in one heart? or does is need two agreeing hearts to be actually TRUE ?!?

I read the woes of the broken hearted.

These whining tales are drowning every creative forum i vist.

i get it ... love is the passion of the pen.. blah blah blah.

i had a revelation about the broken hearted or maybe of the breaker

those who are broken were never the true love of the breaker.

you were always on borrowed time...

well that is of course…

 if the breaker had the strength and self-worth to actually break.

these tear-filled words are always the same....

`i guess i was not good enough for you anymore...'

reality is you never were good enough for the breaker.  

you should just be happy the breaker was willing to break.

some relationships wake up 17 years later and wonder WHAT THE FUCK?

be happy you weren’t in a relationship with a sleepy, complacent breaker!

In my brain there is a party

It happens every night

Right before my rem

The lights i see are bright

Its never quite the same,

but always a pleasure to endure

It is a  party just for...

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Who decides the greatness of another?

What makes a person more or less relevant than I am?

Where was I when all the equal lessons were being taught?

When will the eye of our souls...

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Whois Lucky? I tried to comprehend my initial impression of the color.  It was quite blue, it was almost grey, but not that bland.  It had intense flecks of a storm cloud, with the...

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my heart bleeds in confusion

its not your disgust of me that has me blurred

its the judgment flowing from your delusion

i was taught to love not tear down

still you look at me like you...

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kylebmorris Nov 21, 2012

Author side note: this was the very first time i put pen to paper with the intention of delivering a message.  i was 12.

my MOUTH can only PROJECT as far as the words i SPEAK