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I am from photographs,

Sweet memories frozen in time,

Forever captured and always remembered.


I am from paintbrushes gliding across canvases,

Words clinging to pages,

Hands picking flowers in the garden.


I am from mud and grass stains,

Playing on the playground.

I am from puddles

Too enticing not to jump into,

Water spraying everywhere as my feet hit the ground.

I am from hide and seek,

From spinning as fast as I can in the warm summer sun,

And from running until my legs can barely move.


I am from the monster in my closet,

Who I eventually made friends with.


I am from a father who gave me his big brown eyes

And I am from a mother who gave me her ambitious personality.

I am from the wide eyes of my naïve sisters

Who used me as their human doll.

I am from the evil grins of my sneaky brothers,

Who used me as...

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I Come From...
kmart153 Released Nov 12, 2010
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