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The brain thought well of the heart's lively beats,

but he deemed her dreams to be out of reach.

The heart admired the brain's intelligent thoughts,

but she really wanted him to stop thinking so much.

The pen was eager to write.

The writer wasn't ready.

by karynlittle ago

dic·tion·ary [dik-shuh-ner-ee], noun

abook that believes it's so much smarter than everyone else.

by karynlittle ago

You don't know me

And I really don't know you

So it makes me so confused

As to why I think about you.

We may have spoken once or twice

I've caught your eye several times

But we have yet to talk indepth

And really begin to understand one another.

Words cannot describe how embarrassed I feel

When I turn and look at you.

I just find your personality so intriguing.

There's just something about you that I like.

It might be the way your blue eyes sparkle

Or the way you carry yourself with confidence,

Maybe even how innocent you look sitting there...

by karynlittle ago

And I hate how he plucks at my heartstrings,

But it makes for such a lovely beat.

A part of me wishes you eternal happiness.

The other part hopes that you'll die a slow and painful death.

Two girls stand against the wall of a hallway. They are both chewing gum and flipping their hair. Their arms are crossed as they scoff at some of the students who walk by.


“Oh my god, did you see that girl that just walked by?”

Focus turns to a girl wearing skimpy clothing, then goes back to the two girls.


“Ewwww... she’s such trash!”


“I know, right? Like cover it up, hun!”

A goth girl walks in front of the two girls.


“Okay. Now that’s such trash right there. Like look at how she’s dressed.”


“I know. Like...

by karynlittle ago

“Where are we?”

“I don’t know.”

“OH MY GOD! We’re lost! I knew we should have turned back there! You never list-.”

“SHUT UP for a minute! I’m trying to think.”

“.... Still think we should have turned...”

“And what? Continue in circles?”

“Better than being in the middle of nowhere!”

“Do you want to drive then, Miss Perfect?”


“That’s what I thought...”

“Just figure out where we are!”

“... Let’s drive up this road.”

“... I’m scared.”

“You have no reason to be. Look! There’s some people up ahead.”

“GOOD! Pull over and ask for directions.”


by karynlittle ago