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Hey all!

We've recently deployed a lot of new code to the site that'll improve user experience and site functionality overall.

Here's an overview:


     - We switched search indexing technologies, which will enhance searching, filtering, and sorting on the site

     - Search functionality on User Pages has been refined


     - Code was pushed that fixed a bug where videos uploaded by users with a "space" in their User Names resulted in 403 Errors

     - Videos will now upload and encode properly


     - The queue workers have been rebalanced in order to speed up the Dashboard


Thanks for everyone's continued feedback and patience! 

All the best,


Hey Everyone,

First of all, let me personally apologize for any frustration you've likely experienced trying to get things done on the site this week. We've ran into a combination of growing pains as well as deep technical (software) failures. Long story short, we made some upgrades to our search software and it ended up being very unstable; this caused our search server to freeze up frequently but unpredictably.

With that said, I'm pleased to announce that we've replaced the incumbent search software with a temporary solution. There...

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Hey Friends,

We have just released v5.7 of the site, with the following juicy morsels:

  • New Collaboration header design
  • Image processing upgrades
  • Dashboard Notification counts will reach zero when you click on a particular Dashboard section
  • Record Release Citing sort order fixes
  • Payment Information styling updated
  • Payment Information button is reactivated
  • Dashboard Album styling fixes

Keep the support and feedback coming!



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Hey All,

We've just deployed v5.6 of the site, which includes some key improvements and bug fixes, most notably:

  • Contributing your Records & Albums to Collaborations should be instantaneous after releasing a Record or Album
  • Correct ordering of Collaboration Contributions
  • Improved search functionality
  • Other bug fixes

Thanks again for your ongoing feedback!



by jordan ago

Hey Folks.

Performance has hopefully taken a drastic turn for the best. Our latest release (v5.5.5) includes a number of key improvements. Release details:

  • Overhaul of front-end code (faster page loads)
  • Records accurately display Collaborations they've been contributed to
  • Browse is more efficient in displaying relevant content
  • User Recommendations are sorted by when they were recommended
  • You can delete your own Comments (Remarks)
  • Bug fixes througout the website

Thank you for your continued feedback.


by jordan ago

v5.3.6 Update Summary:

• Comments (Remarks) are now back in the Dashboard!!!

• CPPP profit revisions and updates

Thanks for your patience with the Dashboard updates, things have been very busy over here.



by jordan ago

v5.3.3 Update Summary:

• Firefox-specific fixes for Subscribing, Commenting, and viewing Recomendations

• Conversations page loads more

• Comments will render carriage returns/newlines correctly

• Resourcing and Search/Browse allows exact keywords and ID searching

Thanks everyone!!


by jordan ago


We've been working hard to release some exciting updates to the site. This is a major release version 5.3 of the site. Here are some highlights:

• Record & Album pages now have a unified Recommendation panel so you can page through all of the people who have hearted a Record/Album

• Record & Album pages incorporate a brand new Commenting system which allows you to quickly page through the comments (previously called Remarks) as well as post Comments without interrupting playback of Audio and Video

• Resourcing has been...

by jordan ago

Hey Friends,

I'm happy to announce the release of the features we postponed on 12/6/12. The following is now released!

New features and improvements to application:

- Completely new Album creation/revise process

- New Album design

- Completely new Heart capabilities (this will also reset hearts/recommends to their correct value)

- Fixes to bottlenecks throughout, including loading of records on page via Ajax#record_dynamic

- Improved counter caching for hearts, views, comments, etc.

- As soon as all of the above is deployed, then we begin the...

by jordan ago

Hey Folks,

I'm really excited to be rolling out a bunch of awesome tonight. Take a look at a breakdown of what's being released:

Production environment tweaks:

-Background tasks are piling up due to insufficient worker threads; need to reconfigure to spawn more workers

- Our memcached (caching) cluster is not yet being used and needs to be properly configured; this will improve performance even more

[UPDATE 1: The following has been postponed for the time-being. I will update you all when these are officially set for release.]

New features...

by jordan ago

Hey All,

After pulling an all-nighter, the site is back up and running on an entirely new hosting platform. Known issues to look out for:

  • Some user's Dashboards will be empty until the data migration task has completed
  • There might be some lag in new Dashboard items showing up
  • There might be some lag in the Search and Browse features
  • All of the above are temporary as we adjust to this new platform

Please do not hesitate to send us feedback via GetSatisfaction:

Thank you,


by jordan ago

Hey All,

I will be taking hitRECord into maintenance mode within the hour (10PM PST) in order to make some heavy modifications to the site. This is the first of two sets of changes being deployed this week that will help substanitally improve the reliability and peformance of the site.

The site will be unavailable officially between 10PM PST 12/4 and 2AM PST 12/5.

To progress,


by jordan ago

Hey hitRECorders!

This evening we took the site into Maintenance Mode to make the following performance improvements:

* Upgraded backend service (Redis) capacity to improve Dashboard and background jobs. This should help reduce Application Errors.


As always, we'd love to hear your feedback:



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