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Site Update (6.25.13)
jordan Released Jun 25, 2013

Hey all!

We've recently deployed a lot of new code to the site that'll improve user experience and site functionality overall.

Here's an overview:


     - We switched search indexing technologies, which will enhance searching, filtering, and sorting on the site

     - Search functionality on User Pages has been refined


     - Code was pushed that fixed a bug where videos uploaded by users with a "space" in their User Names resulted in 403 Errors

     - Videos will now upload and encode properly


     - The queue workers have been rebalanced in order to speed up the Dashboard


Thanks for everyone's continued feedback and patience! 

All the best,


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First of all, let me personally apologize for any frustration you've likely experienced trying to get things done on the site this week. We've ran into a combination...

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Hey Friends,

We have just released v5.7 of the site, with the following juicy morsels:

  • New Collaboration header design

  • Image processing upgrades

  • Dashboard Notification counts will...
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We've just deployed v5.6 of the site, which includes some key improvements and bug fixes, most notably:

  • Contributing your Records & Albums to Collaborations should be...
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Performance has hopefully taken a drastic turn for the best. Our latest release (v5.5.5) includes a number of key improvements. Release details:

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Ole Jasper Jones lived under a bridge in Silver Lake. He'd come out from beneath the bridge at night to scare the cool kids as they walked to their bars and taco trucks. Legend has...

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v5.3.6 Update Summary:

• Comments (Remarks) are now back in the Dashboard!!!

• CPPP profit revisions and updates

Thanks for your patience with the Dashboard updates, things have been...

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There is joy in beginnings. I saw a child running today, so filled with enthusiasm at his new skill that he could do nothing but watch his feet as he trotted along. It made me...

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v5.3.3 Update Summary:

• Firefox-specific fixes for Subscribing, Commenting, and viewing Recomendations

• Conversations page loads more

• Comments will render carriage...

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