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by joliz

From the hitRecord Halloween event. Shot on my 8mm app on my iPhone set to Noir. 


In the brief time I have been lurking the community I have been in awe by the work created and the collaborative nature of the community. As an educator I can't help but be inspired to share this with my students and the lessons it provides. The basic principle of encouraging people to work together and look at things from various perspectives and understand that art is not always about a finished product. The iterations that it goes through as it grows and changes may be in places you never considered when the initial idea occured which could be exciting within itself.


I have an idea to begin an afterschool program based on hitRecord. Shockingly the site isn't banned by the department of education firewall. I wanted to put this idea out to the community to perhaps help shape the curriculum. I thought begining with just working with images first, joining in on collaborations on art pieces and uploading original works of their own on a group account maybe, and over the course of the school year move on to audio and then video? It's still very much just a rough idea in my mind that I tossed around with a co-worker, but I would love to hear what others would suggest.

by joliz
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