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The "C" Word
joeytadiar Released Jan 05, 2013

The more times I see the word, the less like a word it becomes.
That's when something good happens, isn't it? Something out of the ordinary or the impossible occurs. Winning the lottery. Landing the lead in a Hollywood movie. Me personally, I don't believe in "luck", or people being "lucky", or "making their own luck". The "L" word has never really meant anything to me.

I believe that a predetermined path is set out for each and every one of us, and if something good happens along the way, then a "choice" was made for it to happen. To get from A to B, something must happen in between for us to get there. We are confronted with an opportunity. We can make a choice to take it, leave it or be completely oblivious to it ever being in front of us. If we make the choice to take it, and something good happens, an ignorant person will call you "lucky". If we make the choice to leave it, and something good happens, to that same ignorant person, you're "lucky". The same goes for being completely oblivious to the opportunity. I'd say, if something good comes out of any of them, you made a wise choice, even if you weren't conscious of it at the time. The "C" word isn't always a bad thing.