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by joerud

This is an edited mix of 'Adieu!' with BVs by Pamagotchi, Marie Bee and ppeppina, and with pizzicato by Marie Bee and Harmonica by ppeppina. My main and BV vocals have been re-recorded to follow the nice, solid lyrics posted by Mamzelle B (with a few tiny changes). She compiled lyrics from marhea, Mademoiselle_B, Nizerno, MeTaL_PoU, Pamzette and Jarox. If anyone feels that the lyrics need more work, lassez-moi savoir!

I'll be putting up the stems for those who'd like to add/replace harmonies, as well as instrumentalists who'd like to create a bigger sound.

Lastly, while I'm here, I want to thank all those who went over the clumsy, childish lyrics of a non-native speaker-singer, providing alternative ideas to benefit the song. There's so much enthusiasm so quickly, and I know there are still tons of ideas.

by joerud
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(old and new)

Things. Favourite things. Things that just make sense to me. Things that I can mount on shelves and smile at regularly. 

Old things. Things that barely function but still have their purpose. Things that don't belong to me but now… belong to me. Things I often use, and wear out so spectacularly. Things from across the world. Things that act their age, and those that have no age. Things that hurt but look so bloody beautiful.

New things. Things that are yet to be enjoyed. That, for the moment, function rather well. Things that constantly teach me new things. Things that… I assure you can explain. Things that I just have no idea how to explain. Nevertheless, they are still my favourite things.

At least for now, they are my favourite things.


Featured by MattConley Such a superb short film! It was a lot of fun and really resonated with me. I loved the playful quality of the cutaways and how they went so well with the Voice Over (which was outstanding!)  One thing: Could you please upload a version without the music? That way the community can remix it. Awesome work on this, man!

by joerud
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It's just a quick song. And it's about people. Lots of people. And other things... maybe RE: The Road...

I left this intentionally bare because I wanted people to add as much as they could to it. So more vocals, more instruments, solo instrument section, anything! Stems up soon enough. 

A major - 3/4 - 190bpm


People on form, people on time,

People magically on top of their shit,

People changing and I know for one I'll be a son of a gun if I don't change one bit to get where I end up,


People folding, people without an apetite,

People exiting things without saving them prior,

People know I'm not one for a show but I can't help but aim a bit higher,


I was told I should prepare for the best of days and best of days I'll get,

Can I be a fighter and a runner?

I'm not one of those gambling men, but I'm my safest bet, and I quite like roulette,


People don't show, people loco,

Why'd he run from the bun 'cause he's bored of the oven,

I can't stand people raising their hand as they tell me there's no such thing as lovin', they're just being stubborn,


I was told I shouldn't mind if they hammer at my head,

That's just the order we are placed in,

What else could I do but fight my own way through instead, to make some real good bread,

Hurry there's no time for wastin',


There are doctors, there are nurses,

There are killers and coppers and warriors even now,

You can think that you're fine then you blink and you're old and you've lost all your money,

And no one is talking and reading gets harder but you know the truth still,

People are people,

You know the truth still, people are people,

You know the truth still, weak and their feeble, people are people.


Featured by Krrr

You know when you hear a song that kinda pisses you off because its so good.... this is one of those times. Killer song joerud! I think its damn near perfect as is. Maybe a very minimal upright bassline and and light string parts.


by joerud
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CHALLENGE BY Matthew_Lister

'I've always wanted to visit the UK but never had the money. Bring it to me, in a song. Please.'

This is my first EVER nationalist song. I'm currently in the green, serene scene of southwest Wales, and thus have been inspired to write this for Matt. I'm not even nearly as skilled as Matt on the guitar, but it's something, and I hope, Matt, that you can picture the UK from these words.


Let me go out to the country,

Where trees have stood for a thousand yeras,

The sky is clear and quiet above me,

And the morning birdsong fills my ears,


Let me go into the city,

Where every colour fills the streets,

A manic masterpiece in motion,

It's oh so stirring and oh so sweet,


Let me go to the British border,

Where songs are sung of the olden day,

Public houses hold the worker,

And all of them sing their cares away,

And all of them drink their cares away,


Let me leave my resting headstone,

By that old cathedral in that Pembroke town,

I fell in love with an island kingdom,

And all of the things it's based around.


10 DOWN!

Featured by wirrow 17.5.2013

this is just wonderful i keep listening to it. as much as i love it's folk simplicity, maybe we can add 1 or 2 instruments to it? 
but beyond that.. i really think there's a collab here. i'm not sure what it is. it's not quite a cities collab but by the same sentiment, expressing what you love about where you're from. 
i've always been wary of people being 'proud' of where they're from and i've always frowned upon art with a national fervor. but i really like when people are INSPIRED by where they're from. i think these sweet lyrics sort of encompass that inspiration and longing for the place you fell in love with. 
perhaps it could even fall into a 'home' collab? i'm not sure if there is one already.

anyway i love this dude

by joerud
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Found a royal baby of a beat by Robo_J and knew I had to do something with it. So I wrote some lyrics about something called sleeplessness (or insomnia), and the game we all play of trying to find the best route to wander off to sleep.

There's plenty of room between the lyrics to recite/rap/solo/sleep, so go for it.


I'm off to sleep with open eyes,

My dreaming keeps me up at night,

The game is on and I'm filling the time,

Until my body powers down,


I pop a pill and pace around,

My pulse in ultrasound,

The game is on and now nothing but time,

Until my body powers down,


I turn a paler shade of blue,

Forget my breath to bring me through,

Fuck my breath,

The night is long and all I do is,

I chase my mind,

And leave my body on the ground,


by joerud
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This is a song written during the HitRECord House of Awesomeness 2013, for use in the musical short film directed by KevinMaistros. It involves the theme of secrets. Secrets belonging to two. The secret that they have run from, and that they can no longer contain within a relationship.

Featuring vocals by Brandon Elrod (TheSerpentTheCharmer) and Kevin Maistros (KevinMaistros).

Featured by thesherbethead

This is exceptional. The rhythm is amazing, the melody is luscious, and the harmonies -- oh the harmonies! Truly incredible songwriting.


For someone's sake, let's forget it all,

Move away and live long, living small,

I'm all for changing my name,

Let it go and stay off the shame,


In other lives, we would never leave,

What a beautiful concept it seems to be,


I'm a mess in my car, you can see that,

Alternate the girl you are, now you can be that,

What I can take from you,

What I can offer you,

We have begun all again,


A hidden heaven has fallen,

And blazing trails for a calling,


I'm a mess in my car, you can see that,

Alternate the girl you are, now you can be that,

What I can take from you now,

What I can offer you,

We have begun all again.

by joerud
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Hello, all of you wonders of hitRECord.


I won't keep you. I just wanted to take a second to tell you frankly how grateful I am for all of your words of support and good will since my rapid reemergence at the end of 2012. Every recommendation, every remark has been a nudge in that necessary step to acknowledge my potential. Everyday I'm baffled by the creativity I witness on our hitRECord. And everyday, you all give me an infinite amount of reasons to go further. I'd rather not wonder what I'd be without this, and you all, and the confidence I've gained, but I know that it's somewhere dark and smelly.

I wish I could efficiently explain the significance of the support I've received, as well as the art I've been lucky enough to be a part of or simply a humble audience to. But I'm a mere musician, so I'll start by trying to keep that going. And, naturally...

Thank you. Thank you so much.



again, by heart.

by joerud
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It appears to me that I have reached my third year on hitRECord.

Prepare for words to be said...

Three years. I don't see it that way. I see my time beginning truly at the end of 2012, when I realised that I needed this site as a space in which my mind could wander. The first two years were... observational. And I don't regret that, because I have consequently been given the opportunity to combine my skills with all the many people I have collaborated with in the past year. So, I began on November 2010, I was 17. I was barely started. Closer to Ephraim's age than the vast majority of you talented folk. I felt unable, unstable and unenlightened. I think it was ACB in the summer of 2012 who featured my first feature, which was Fox And Feather, an improvisatory piano story. It got a laughably large amount of hits in the week it was featured, and I was mostly just very afraid of it all. Then, a few months later, I started to do more. I wrote a piano riff that Metaphorest used for a heartbreaking song called Divinity. Actually, it seems that Metaphorest played a significant role in my emergence into 2013. Collaborating on a bunch of musical endeavours (and still at it now). I gathered a bunch of momentum in 2013, especially when I demanded challenges from you lot (I got so so many I'm so grateful for all your requests - they really helped me test myself, with time and creativity). Then came the start of HitRECord on TV, and I felt prepared to take part, just because of all the activity I'd been involved in because of every mind in this company. I can't wait to see the final result of that little French number I wrote one night (thank you ellieyah for convincing me that a French song would be a good idea to write!) I spent two weeks within two months in two separate HitRECord Houses of Awesomeness (Michigan and Wales, UK), that without a doubt confirmed my adoration for the people and practice of hitRECord. It needs no explanation, nor does it need investigation, it's just an important communal feeling to take part in. And now here I am. I want to highlight some important people to my experience, because I truly feel like I've just been along for the ride, while all of you have given me the greatest show on earth...

So first, thank you Metaphorest. Not only have you lifted me from the idleness of my past hitRECord state, but you have sustained such an important support for my music even amongst all your amazing and time-consuming feats. Like everyone, I'm in awe of your talent and your character, and I have a huge amount of respect for you.

I also want to thank Pamagotchi. She was the first hitRECorder I met in person, and the latest hitRECorder I spent my time with. With the charming DreddWolf, we've created a nest in London for any hitRECorder to visit and enjoy with us. Pamagotchi, a goddess of Re-Recs (among other things), had long ago re-recommended Fox And Feather, and finally, years later, I'm sitting at a piano with her in the middle of St Pancras Intl playing 5 hours worth of cheesy belters. It's a funny world. And it's a world in which I'm fortunate enough to know this kind and inspiring singing forest sprite.

Thank you to fellow musicians, MadisenMusic, seldelaterre, ppeppina, wirrow, JohnnyClyde, Spaceship, ozie, Krrr, Robo_J, Joab Nevo, DevinLevi, humunkulus and lyrictician for letting me into your musical creations, whether you're remixing or being remixed.

I could honestly spend a weekend going through each person I have been in some way in contact with on hitRECord and thank them with a hug (or a handshake if that is preferred).

I care about this place greatly.

Thank you for giving me the 3 years to wind up with this feeling of contentment.


If I could go back, I'd live it again and again and


again by heart.


(p.s. I'm so glad the site is free, or I would've really wasted 2 years worth of subscription...)

by joerud
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by joerud
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Photography credit to Sarah Kleps (creative_green13)

Lighting credit to Ellie Wilson-Smith (ellieyah)


by joerud
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This portrait was particularly difficult to achieve. I'm terribly afraid of smiling for a camera. My smiles are often crooked at best. And they're a pathetic display at worst (in my eyes..).

BUT, I love to laugh (loud and long and clear), so I just laughed and took myself away for a moment.

Sorry I didn't get all of me chin in!


Marie Bee, you're a gem.

by joerud
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Photographed with Canon AV-1 at Caefai Bay, St Davids, Wales.

HitRECord House of Awesomeness UK, July 2013


by joerud
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I want to introduce you to my two younger brothers, Callum and Jake. They are TWINS (the Ruddletwins to be exact).

They kindly agreed to have a game of Newlyweds, to see how many things they agree on as twins.

by joerud
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