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Apologies if anyone has submitted this idea already, but I was thinking with that along the topic of grades and whether they matter, that we could explore the other side of grading and exams.


With the ‘No Child Left Behind’ legislation that was enacted in 2002, schools would have access to federal funding, based on assessments, annual testing, academic progress, etc.

The pressure that is then put on teachers to ensure that their students achieve the standards (set by the state). If the teachers do not deliver results via the students’ annual assessment tests, they face a decrease in funding, a cut in their salary, and in some cases a drastic restructuring of the school which could include replacement of all staff and sometimes lead to the school closing altogether.

While the objectives of the bill lead to a positive direction (a higher quality of education), there is a lot more pressure on teachers to ensure that their students are progressing to the standard set by the state.

In my opinion, this standard does not take into account the individual needs of the students or the many different ways of learning.

The pressure put on teachers sometimes leads to drastic measures (such as cheating), and there have been cases of teachers who change students’ exam answer sheets.

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New Yorker


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After doing the Networking Installation in Riverside, the Riverside BIA contacted me to do a paid installation for the Riverside Artfest. I was able to make two origami ponds for it on foamcore boards. YESSSS! One step closer to my goal :D

This pond, along with it's counterpart are now on display in a vacant storefront on Queen St. E.

For more origami, pls check out these albums: origami love, Origami Flash Mob & origami for animation


P.S. Sorry for the terrible lighting and camera angles for this work

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I was playing around with lights and stuff in After Effects at work yesterday, this is what i came up with. I though it might be useful for a bumper or something. I dunno. It's here anyway if you want it.

As always, download for higher quality.

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Hey everybody,

We're happy to announce that CaptClare (Resident Image & Video Curator) will be a guest curator on the hitRECord tumblr page HERE from 7.28 - 8.1.14. Throughout the week we'll be re-blogging some of the images she's curated that touch upon the eight Season 2 themes for HITRECORD ON TV.

HERE is a link to CaptClare's tumblr page.


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but really, a hearty re-recommendation to all records used herein.

thanks to Traeidein for struggling with me via email and putting up with my back-and-forth on this one.  

This is all I could come up with right now.  Clare's testimonial is amazing.

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I've just joined HitRECord....this piece by Joe Rud was one of the first things I came across. I really loved the vibe and had a couple of ideas, so I thought I would lay some vocals to hopeully compliment Joe's already outstsanding work. The original RECord can be found here: :)

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I can easily say one of the highlights for the year was flying to the UK to see the ever-fab Pamagotchi dance in the Somerset lavender fields so I could make a cinemagraph out of it. 

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Quick remix of theabones's 20 eyes with Joe's remix of phenomenaaa's Tiny Story

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I dunno, I'm not a beatmaker but was playing around with this. I think it should be longer but I can't figure out how to put the pieces together. Maybe someone else can do something with it.

by debit72
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1920x1080/HROTV SPECS/Hand animation test

When I saw the image for the fire flies tiny story, I immediatly thought it should be a charcoal piece. This is just a test to see if I can pull off an hand animation without a pegbar and proper animation paper (and without the frames already prepped for me).

Also, I turned one of the characters into a little girl, because I personally felt it would be super cute to have a boy and girl (and that would also mean a choice between a male and female VO for this tiny film).

Anway, before I drew out more frames, I figured it would be wise to test these frames out first.


Medium: charcoal and pencil


*ZIP of these scanned (at 300 dpi) frames are attached, but it's only 3 frames.

** Second Animation test (10frames sans color)

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It's survived once already; here's why I'd save it again...


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today marks four years of being a hitRECorder. What a trip it's been :)

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