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Paired the tiny story with this great illustration that was contributed to the Space: cold open collab.

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this is a spin off of the theme 'literally' suggested by regularjoe. i think you can't discuss one without discussing the other.

the reason i think it should be 'metaphors' instead of 'literally' is that i i think in joe's examples it seemed like most of the time taking things literally was the bad side of the coin where as taking things as metaphors is more truthful and rewarding. so i think focusing on the metaphors side will produce records with a more optimistic message. maybe. 

i still think it's  possible to invole the 'literally' satire/comedy but more on the angle of someone who is talking in metaphors and the other person takes it way too literally. (i.e- the Mony Python - Life of Brian scene where brian is talking about the metaphor of the birds and the lily - "consider the lily.." - "HE'S 'AVIN A GO AT THE FLOWERS NOW!")

i also think it gives us the opportunity to delve into the essense of what a metaphor and what symbolism actually is and how it relates to the language we use, the characters we create, the stories we tell and our various rituals like baptism and marriage etc.

by wirrow
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Ok, last one for the evening. This time it's Adieu.


I'll upload blank templates of these 45s when I get the chance for remixing.


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CALLING ALL WRITERS, VO ARTISTS, & CURATORS! 12.42 is going to be the Resident Director of Animation for a new Short Film based on the "Herbert & Isle" characters - get involved by contributing your writing, voice overs, & curation!



WRITERS: Write a Short Story, Poem, or Treatment based on the characters of "Herbert & Isle."

VOICE OVER ARTISTS: Perform a Voice Over for a Text Record from the collab you like.

CURATORS: Make an Album of your favorite contributions to the collab.


NOTE: Please refer to THIS ALBUM of records curated by 12.42 for inspiration and a sense of what the mood of the Short Film could be.



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Whaaat, I can't believe it's been a year already?! I've been wanting to make a showreel for yonks but never had enough material for it ... UNTIL now. I don't know what else to say, except thank you for a truly amazing year. I love you all to bits.


Keep on truckin',

steph xxxxxx

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A chorus of beartraps

Set to

Take the skin

Right off my feet


But this body, these bones

Have left me no place else to go

My body, my bones

Are cared for with little hope


A choir of canaries

Left to

Sing that hope

Right out of my heart


But this body, these bones

Can't hear love in your tone

Your body, your bones

Can't tender these river stones


A band of thieves

Trying to

Steal the gold

From your empty veins


But this body, these bones

Are trying to wrap around yours

My body, my fragile bones

Felt this as love, not chore


A museum of pockets

Asking for

The coin with the saint

To bring me back home


But this body, these bones

Aren't mine, they are loaned

Your body, your bones

A love I want, a love I never owned


Those bodies, those bones

I am a ghost, one of many clones

Your body, your bones

Bones that will kill me once another man owns


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If I stopped to turn my head, I'd see a road full of crooked crosses.

Knocked down by the wind, the weather.

And I wonder if this is what everyone has been seeing.

This amalgamation of faith lost by something not of man.

We are set to conquer the world seven times over.

And yet we're afraid to tell one another how heavy are our hearts.

I could take all of my fury and bring this city to the ground.

But I couldn't take your hand for more than a moment without shaking.

And I could die knowing that you were here and alive, and die happy.

Our parents are meant to leave us at some point.

We're born to be abandoned, but not before we learn to love.

So we can repeat the cycle, and tell our children how it was. 

Before storms gathered up and ripped at our skin.

Before someone left you alone with your bed and your limbs.

It's how I fear I'll become, if you ever let me try.

I fear that I'm imagining that I'd give you the entirety of the sky.

Maybe I'm weaker than I once thought possible.

And you'd be left once again to fend for yourself.

In the space where ghosts roam restless and alone.

The silhouettes of every man who'd loved you and gone home.

Without the slightest thought that it would break you.

Turn your heart to stained glass.

Pieces that will no longer fit together, but refuse to mend and pass.

I am the giant that wanders in the ocean.

I am the ladders down to hell.

Climb the knives up my spine, meet the bats and the ring the bell.

There's only the words that I've written here to guide me.

There's only the crowd of moments I'll hold in my heart.

You're in them all, you're the centerpiece, you're my art.

And I'll kill anyone who ever hurts you.

Destroy every cross that forces you to carry it.

I'll make a bonfire of them all.

And we'll dance like savages until the cold and the fall.

When we'll go inside and rest and give in.

And those silhouettes, those ghosts, will be gone.

We'll have cast them away, we'll dream before dawn. 

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a fever ridden sleep
the sounds of moving feet
drip drip drip
faucets counting sheep
breathless in a dream
that I haven't even seen
what else
can I do?

Prompt: "Restless"

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re: haunting...

I was listening to the radio yesterday and the anouncer described a song as "haunting", which, having just heard the song, made me wonder what exactly she meant by this word.

It made me think about what my interpretation of "haunting" is and what other people's interpretation of this word is too.

My most regular use of the word would have to do with the memory of a person that I rarely get to communicate with. This person is on my mind every single day no matter how hard I wish them away, and has been this way for nearly 7 years now. I sometimes wonder if this haunting is all from myself because of the way they made me feel confident, or if they themself are actually clinging to me somehow, or if we are destined to meet again as friends or work together in the future or something, or if we were closer in a past life... 

What about being haunted by an idea - a dream you want to achieve one day.

Then there is the feeling of being haunted by some kind of spiritual being. That chill. That paranoia. The feeling of beign followed or watched or listened in on. Is this haunting something to be scared of or somethign to embrace and welcome the other's peresnece?

And then there is deliberately cursed land... I live in Australia where the Aboriginal people used to use certain locations for certain ceremonies and they had curses placed on to ward off trespassers. I don't know much about this, but know that I have heard of a number of places that people have walked through and felt that they were trespassing, and later found out that it was an ancient ceremonial site.

Then there is Halloween-scare-your-pants-off pranks etc

Does a skeleton in the closet haunt us till we let it out?

What is under the bed? How do our fears and bad experiences create 'monsters' that haunt us?

So many different ways to interpret "haunting". I'd be really interested to hear of other interpretations, or an elaboration on the musical one.

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i didn't have UglyQua font so i used Baskerville Old Face instead

if you need the psd file let me know

i also have a psd file of all the individual dancers if anyone is interested 

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